Thursday, 31 August 2017

August crafting report

Hello Friends,

Wow its been more than a month I posted on my blog , I have been feeling so lazy to write a post, comment on blogs and craft .

Today is first day of 5 day long weekend here and I thought I will gather myself together and write a post at least on the last day of the month.

This month has been busy with deadlines at work, vacation planning and festivals. But there have been days when I had time to craft but I sat on the sofa wasting my time on my phone. At least I have started reading again and managed to finish 3 books this month.

Here is what I have to show for the Gifted Gorgeousness and Theme-Tas-Stitch SAL run by Jo and Kerry respectively.

As you know my craft group meets fortnightly and it has become a tradition to receive gifts from very generous friends every meetup. This is what I have received over last 2 months:
Gifts from Tammy: A card made using chain stitch crochet, a crochet bowl and a bookmark

Gifts from Z: Solar eclipse coaster, Friendship day card and tiny embroidery hoop kit
A market bag, belated birthday gift from E
My house is full of such crochet gifts now and anytime someone visits for the first time they can't help notice all the crochet/knitted/cross stitch decorations in the house, out of which only one is made by me ..ha ha

I have been trying to finish the knitted blanket for my friend's baby. The baby arrived a bit early but I started missing cross stitching after knitting straight for two months. I started a weekly rotation to get some progress on my WIPs, which worked most of the times.

Here is the how the blanket looks like as of today

Progress on the Butterfly Project I'm making for my bestie, see if you can see any difference from last time :)

I picked up another WIP "Indian Peacock" for the Animalia August for Theme-Tas-Stitch SAL. This project grows faster than others as it has lot of half stitches. Love the colors in this one.

I sewed two bags to hold my projects with help from my husband during the month

Bag to hold Qsnap of 11*17 inch

Drawstring bag to hold knitting projects
What a feeling it was to use fabric from my stash for making these bags! My fabric or any other craft stash isn't big but I start feeling guilty/bad if I don't use the stash after more than one year I have bought it. Does that happen to you? Do you feel guilty of not using every single thing in your stash?

Next month we will be travelling for our annual holiday , which means time for some exchanges. I have already committed for two swaps, may do some more...ha ha.

That's it my friends for this month, I'm really dying to finish some of the WIPs. Its been too long I had a proper finish.

I will try and leave comments on your blog this weekend , hoping the lazy spell gets over soon. 

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