Thursday, 17 September 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL September 2020 update

Hello Friends,

It's that time of the month when we show what gifts we have been working on or/and what crafty gifts we have received. If you don't know what I'm talking about , check Jo's blog for more info. This is an easy SAL where you have a choice to stitch any designer, color or pattern, just that it should be a gift for someone or gift from someone.

After a month of no cross stitching, here I am presenting a small gift I made for my mother's birthday which is today.
Pattern name :All My Love
Designer : Lesley Teare
Pattern source: Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine, Mar 2016

My mom visited us in January and liked the basket of cross stitch ornaments I had on display. Since then , she has expressed her desire to make some for herself but she didn't have the supplies. So I thought what better idea gift than something she wanted to make herself.
She liked the gift and hinted that she would like some more. That should give me some more entries for GG posts .😀 
As its her birthday today, I would like to share something about my mother. My mom married at an early age of 21, moved to live in a state the language of which she didn't speak. She learned the language, changed her dressing style ,learned the cuisine of the new state along with other challenges of married life . For those unaware, language , cuisine and attire changes across every state of India.
My mother has been the main force behind my brother's and my education and career. She wanted us to do best in our fields even if it meant defying the norms for young girls specially.
Every craft I know has been taught by mother. She knows knitting, macrame, crochet, cross stitch, Indian embroidery, sewing to name a few.
She is an amazing cook and loves to feed people. Even with limited income of my father, she helps needy now and then with food and paying the school fees.
She is protective of family, is always there to support them thru tough times. She  encourages me to pursue hobbies when I get busy with job and life.
She inspires me to be a better person everyday.I know she won't read this, but I felt like sharing it with you ladies.

Also, a very happy birthday to our wonderful GG SAL host Jo, who amazes me the amount of stitching she gets done with work and family, hosting SALs and blog hops.

Wishing you a great stitchy year ahead Jo.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Let the People Choose-September Update

Hello Friends,

First Saturday of the month I join Jo for The People's Choice SAL . Jo takes a poll for people to choose a topic for the month and the participants then post about stitchy projects related to that topic.

This month's topic is Geometric.I love Geometric patterns, though I actually don't stitch as many as I would like.
The project I'm most proud of , under this theme is this Fractal I stitched back in 2014. I was a beginner then, still I didn't get intimidated by the number of colors (90) in it.

This was a freebie from Cross Stitch Collectibles.
Another geometric project I stitched pre-blogging days as a beginner is this freebie from
The geometric shape I love most is Heart. I have stitched a few small ones ,you must have seen them before many times on my blog.

Hope you like what I have shared here.

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