Sunday, 13 September 2020

Let the People Choose-September Update

Hello Friends,

First Saturday of the month I join Jo for The People's Choice SAL . Jo takes a poll for people to choose a topic for the month and the participants then post about stitchy projects related to that topic.

This month's topic is Geometric.I love Geometric patterns, though I actually don't stitch as many as I would like.
The project I'm most proud of , under this theme is this Fractal I stitched back in 2014. I was a beginner then, still I didn't get intimidated by the number of colors (90) in it.

This was a freebie from Cross Stitch Collectibles.
Another geometric project I stitched pre-blogging days as a beginner is this freebie from
The geometric shape I love most is Heart. I have stitched a few small ones ,you must have seen them before many times on my blog.

Hope you like what I have shared here.


  1. Beautiful projects! And all fully finished! You are on the ball :)

  2. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. I love that Fractal design, very hypnotic! I quite agree about the difficulty too, if no-one tells you something is difficult, you just get on with it! It was the same with my Needlepoint design I showed for this month.

  3. Lovely designs, I am so fond of hearts.
    Have a lovely week.


  4. All of your geometric finish are so pretty--especially love the Fractal design and the vibrant colors you used. Hope you are having a good month so far!

  5. That's a great collection of stitching, it's amazing how many geometric designs there are

  6. Great stitching! That fractal is stunning.


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