Sunday, 16 August 2020

Let the People Choose-August Update

Hello Friends,
First Saturday of the month I join Jo for The People's Choice SAL . Jo takes a poll for people to choose a topic for the month and the participants then post about stitchy projects related to that topic.

This month's topic is Freedom.I have to be honest that I had no clue which project I can show for this topic , so I waited for Jo and other's interpretation.I was very tempted to copy Jo and Rachel's interpretation. 
Over the years I have seen tons of designs related to American Independence and patriotism but there aren't many related to other countries specifically India. So I decided to stitch something related to Indian independence as August is Independence Month for us Indians.
A stitched a small Indian flag and made into a fridge magnet . I think I'm very happy with result.Yesterday, my beautiful country completed 73 years of Independence.

This certainly has inspired me to stitch or look for more designs which show Indian culture .

Will keep this a short post, however I must ask how you are dealing with the new look of blogger. I have logged into blogger after a month and was surprised the new layout.Looks like I need some training to handle this new format.


  1. Congratulations on 73 years of Independence, how wonderful.
    I do like the Flag you designed and stitched.
    It is a shame that there are not more designs for other countries, I hope your post inspires others to design for other countries.
    Freedom is so important in many countries, it is a shame so many are held back from their freedoms.
    I look forward to seeing what else you have to stitch for Freedom.


  2. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. I like your interpretation of the theme, the timing was perfect for India's Independence month.
    I haven't gone over to the new Blogger yet, they tried to change me but I just reverted to the original for a while longer.

  3. Great job making something to celebrate your own country. I've done a little bit with the new layout. I hate change haha. So it will take some getting used to.

  4. Great design you stitched, well done on designing it.

  5. Yay for 73 years, your flag is perfect for it.
    I changed blogger back to the original until it officially changes, then ugh!

  6. That is a beautiful fridge magnet!

  7. Such an amazing fridge magnet! Great work! Not loving the new blogger, but I'm sure I'll get there x

  8. 73 years of independence is a great reason to celebrate, and your little flag is adorable!
    I decided to start using the new blogger a couple weeks ago so I could get used to it before the switch was enforced. I feel like the differences are mostly cosmetical, I haven't found anything new in terms of functionality so far...

  9. I like your idea of making something applying to your own country, pretty flag magnet. I publish using the original blogger layout until I´m forced to change.

  10. Great post Mini!
    I think I’m stuck with the new version now! I recently looked at my blog but Blogger sent me to one of the other blogs I’m linked to and I couldn’t initially get back to “The Flashing Scissors” - a bar at the top of the screen covered the option button and there was nothing I could do. Anyway long and the short of it, I missed the button that said “Revert to Legacy” and now it isn’t appearing at all! Aaaargh!
    Barbara xx 😘


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