Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL February 2020 update

Hello Friends,
It's that time of the month when we show what gifts we have been working on or/and what crafty gifts we have received. If you don't know what I'm talking about , check Jo's blog for more info. This is an easy SAL where you have a choice to stitch any designer, color or pattern, just that it should be a gift for someone or gift from someone.

Happy to report that I have something to show this month:

I started a Lizzie Kate pattern on 19th of last month . Here is the progress till now:

The chart was giveaway prize I won on Tiffany's blog and the fabric was received in an exchange with Diya.

I have changed the fabric and colors from the ones suggested in the pattern. I'n using Anchor variegated floss for stitching the design.

I wanted to complete this before posting for GG , however as you can see that's not what happened.
I would like to pass this chart to one of my active blog followers , so if you are interested, leave a comment and spread the word. If you plan to follow me for participating in the giveaway, I accept that you interact thru comments in future.

I will draw a name on my birthday-27th feb and declare the winner in next GG post.I plan to finish stitching the pattern before that :)

An update I would like to share is that I have started working again after a planned break . I now work as a consultant so lesser working hours give me flexibility to manage the house and work properly.

The funny thing is while I was on a break and had so much time on my hands, I couldn't find inspiration to stitch. Now , I try to stitch everyday before going to work-duration varies from 5 mins to 1 hour.

My husband gifted me this cross stitch theme cup for my new office .

Another little handmade gift I got was this coin purse made using a sewing machine by husband's 85 year old aunt . She really inspires me with her zeal to create things at her age.

Not a proper gift but I made this quick card, using a lace heart I won thru a cross stitch giveaway on Instagram, for a secret Valentine's day exchange on Ravelry.

That's it for the GG update.
Its getting hotter here day by day and feels like summer ..not the good kind of summer which people in UK enjoy. 😂
Hope you have a good month with lots of stitching time.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Let The People Choose-January and February Update

Hello Everyone,
I hope the first month of new year treated you well. I have been busy busy..,in mind I composed the posts to be put up on the blog but never get around to post them in real.

As crafting has taken a back seat since I left Kuwait, I decided to join only two SALs this year, both hosted by Jo.One of those is The People's Choice SAL. Its an easy SAL where one theme selected is by us crafters for each month and then we post about it.

For January, the theme was Lizzie*Kate. It would sound like a repeated story but like Jo, I wasn't a fan of the designer  in the beginning as I felt that her designs required too many specific items like fabric and floss.
However, I have acquired a taste for them over the time as I could see how simple the designs were.

I have two Lizzie*Kate patterns in my stash , though my record keeper says three.Its driving me crazy that I can't trace the third.
I cannot count my day...Bought in 2015
This was won in a giveaway by Tiffstitch
For Februaury , the theme is Penguins ,my favourite creatures .

Stitched in Nov 2018, Pattern by Diane Machin
I have received two penguin ornaments in exchanges I participated:
Received in Dec 2018
Received in July 2015
I don't have any penguin patterns in my stash!
That's it for today, I hope to post on time for the next SAL.

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