Sunday, 4 April 2021

Let the People Choose-April 2021 Update

Hello Friends,

First Saturday of the month I join Jo for The People's Choice SAL, however its been half a year I last joined. Jo takes a poll for people to choose a topic for the month and the participants then post about stitchy projects related to that topic.

This month's topic is Blue. Blue is a lovely color and at one stage of my life, most of my clothes were blue.
As blue is such a lovely color, it finds its way in many cross stitch designs . I will share few finished projects which are predominantly blue:
Annee Du Lapin
Freebie by Gazette94

Say it with stitches
Designer: Rhona Norrie
Pattern source: Freebie from

Designer: Susan Bates
Freebie from

Cat Trio
Designer: Durene Jones
Pattern source: TWOCS Magazine,Feb 2016

One that is a long time WIP:

Indian Peacock By Dimensions

There are few other blue projects I have finished, I will save them for future themes.
Happy Sunday.


  1. Nice! Love the kitties :)

  2. Very nice post, I love the heart.


  3. Blue is one of the my most favorite colors. I used to decorate everything in country blue and mauve. :) That was before I came to Kuwait. I especially love the blue heart. Have you worked on the peacock lately. It's certainly going to be a beautiful finish. Take care.

  4. The blue heart is wonderful!

  5. Blue was once one of my favorite colors and there was a lot of it in my house but lately I have been decorating with softer calmer colors. Maybe subconsciously trying to calm my boys down.. Ha! Looks like your Indian Peacock has more stitched than the last time you shared it so some stitching must be happening? Hope you are well!

  6. That peacock is amazing and I love the cats pattern too, very cute. xxx

  7. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. I'm really enjoying this single colour idea so I may just put up a lot of colours in a poll and let them choose one!
    That peacock is going to be gorgeous. I also like the Durene Jones cats a lot.

  8. How nice to see you join again - lovely blue stitching!

  9. Hi Mini,
    Sorry to have been a stranger to you and others in blogland. Trying to return to blogging but just visiting occasionally at the moment. I love all your stitching but especially the blue heart, it’s really stunning, and the peacock, just gorgeous!
    Barbara xx

  10. Beautiful stitching Mini, love that gorgeous peacock and the blue heart.

  11. Lovely stitching! I have also stitched Rhona Norrie's pattern; it hangs on my wall above my telly:D Love stitchy sayings!


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