Friday 15 February 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL February 2019 update

Hello Friends,

It's that time of the month when we show what gifts we have been working on or/and what crafty gifts we have received. If you don't know what I'm talking about , check Jo's blog for more info. This is a easy SAL where you have choice to stitch any designer, color or pattern, just that it should be a gift for someone or gift from someone.

The gifts I worked on this month are these wedding cards for a snail mail friend and husband's cousin , both got married in December. The plan was to stitch these before the weddings but you know how some plans never get executed . Better late than never ..ha !

Both designs are from Cross stitch Crazy Magazine,Issue 202, patterns by Durene Jones.
Last month I forgot to show you what I got in my Instagram cross stitch swap with my one of snail mail buddy.She stitched a wee little penguin for me ..she knows me well.

A tiny crochet heart , a gift from my craft group friend Z for Valentine's day.

Thank you for the comments on the "Let People Choose SAL-Hearts" post. I asked you which one of my heart finishes is your favorite. Here are the results :

Roses in Heart -4
Floral Sachet -2
Heart Biscornu -1
Knitted one -2

Now to a part which may interest you..a giveaway.As its my birthday month and month of love, I would like to thank you all my blog friends for their love by offering this pattern.This pattern is up for grabs ...the pattern was bought second hand but has never been used by me.

Here are the rules:
1. Be a follower. I'm pretty confused how the following things works but I can only see people who follow me thru Dashboard or google accounts.
2. Don't become a follower just to win this pattern and disappear on me (I have had this happened to me in past)
3. Let me know in comments if you are interested.
4.Winner will be randomly picked on my birthday,27th February.
5. I would appreciate if you would share this on your blog.
6. The pattern will be sent to you thru registered mail but still it can take minimum of 40-50 days to reach depending on where you are.
7. Send me your address thru email by clicking info in side bar, I will not follow up with you to ask for your address.

This weekend is IHSW and I will try to get some stitching done. Join me and other stitchers virtually for hermitting and stitching .

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Love your cards. They turned out great. Adorable penguin and heart you received. Please don't include me in your giveaway. I wish everyone luck in winning though. Have a great IHSW!

  2. Making small cross-stitchings for cards is very satisfying. :) Today was a good day for crafting since the weather was rather unstable.

  3. I loved the wedding cards you stitched. Please don't count me in I already have lots to stitch!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. What sweet wedding cards, they should love them!
    The penguin and heart you received are adorable, lucky you!

  5. Cute little cards. The pattern is nice. Though i have so many charts to stitch i would like to participate in the giveaway to see my luck (lol). 😀

  6. Great wedding gifts, cute designs. I love your penguin and heart.

    It's a lovely chart but I'll pass on the giveaway, thank you anyway.

  7. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The wedding cards are so sweet, I am sure they will be kept for a very long time.
    The penguin is so sweet and the crochet heart is a lovely gift.
    I do like the Butternut Road Alphabet but I feel it should go to someone who will stitch it sooner rather than just stash it like I would!

  8. Your cards are lovely, and your crochet heart is so gorgeous.

  9. I just love the cards you made! And such beautiful gifts you received!

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Thanks so much Mini and Happy Birthday month!

  10. I just love the cards you made! And such beautiful gifts you received!

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Thanks so much Mini and Happy Birthday month!

  11. Lovely wedding gifts, beautifully stitched.

  12. Great git stitching! I love the wedding cards, they remind me of the animal pairs I've been stitching for Valentine's Day.

  13. Your little wedding cards also fit in with the People Choose - Hearts! That tiny crocheted heart is great too, perfect to go next to the knit one! Your received Swap Penguin is really cute too.

    G'luck to everyone in the giveaway~ I think that pattern is very pretty but I don't know that I'd stitch a sampler... So I will pass, for now. :)

  14. Lovely cards; I think it's always nice to get some things after the event, as it makes it last longer (or that is what I tell myself as I am always a little disorganised posting things!) x


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