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A small peep into life of a Indian Soldier!

This is my first blog ever.....was written way back in 2009.

Sometimes u come across certain things in ur life that force u to take a pause and ponder how different life can be for different people.
I am writing this not because I experienced something breathtaking but its just that these small encounters/incidents make me feel that life can be led in a simple manner with satisfaction. Sounds heavy isn’t it! I am jotting down my thoughts because of two reasons a) I feel I should share it with people so as to know what the world feels abt thisand b) I feel these memories must be treasured (These days I tend to forget things easily).
Simplicity & Devotion –That’s Indian Soldier
Since childhood I had always admired people who worked for nation’s security, I mean people serving in the forces. I am not sure I ever wanted to be one of them (may be my physical built was not so) but I always wished that my brother should opt for serving nation. Two of my uncles serve in the Indian Army. Once …