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May crafting report

Hello friends,
Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post, I'm glad you liked the "Mini me" as much as I do.
In case anyone noticed, I have been away from blog land for a month now. Nothing to worry, just a short break from the daily routine. Yesterday I came back from an amazing trip to Himalayas and I'm charged up to spend few more months in this hustle bustle before I take another break.
I have been crafting, however not much to have separate posts for GG and Theme-tas-stitch SALs . This post is my check in for both SALs.
Gifted Gorgeousness SAL is hosted by Jo. For this SAL, we show what hand crafted gifts we made or receive every month.
I received a wonderful package from Shamiin Dec 2016.However their was a bit mismatch in timing , so the package was at my parent's place since then. I collected the package last week during my visit to India .
Shami sent me two cross stitched items,Anchor metallic and variegated threads, fridge magnet and postcards. I love…