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April Check in for Flower of the Month SAL

I'm really enjoying participating in SALs as these keep me motivated to stitch for monthly progress reports.

As the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL hosted by Jo and TUSAL hosted by Daffy require posting in the middle of the month, I have now joined a new SAL where I will be posting at the end of month.

This is the 2015 Flower of the Month SAL hosted by Alyssa. The patterns are the flower of the month charts by EMS Designs.

Though I enrolled in this SAL middle of the month, I kept delaying the start thinking that I have enough time in hand and then on the Tuesday , I panicked realizing that its 26th already ;)
So after 2 hours of stash hunting for appropriate fabric and threads ,here is the progress for the April flower "Sweet Pea" so far

I'm stitching this on 14ct white Aida gifted to me by my friend Ms. G using three strands.
This aida is a lot stiffer than what I have used all my life and I feel three strands is a bit two much for this count.

I'm happy to tell that I&…

Adventures with Food(Continued)

There is a famous proverb in Hindi which says "Why do we live, to eat "...and that very much defines why food and cooking is such a big deal in common Indian house hold.
Until a decade ago, the practice of eating in restaurants/hotels/cafes wasn't so common in India. With more females starting to work full time in offices and daily commute to work places eating upto 3-4 hours of a day..eating in restaurants has become a more of a necessity.

Not that I think low of females who don't cook three meals at home...I still am a traditional at heart who loves to cook for family and guests. What fuels my passion for cooking and food is that my partner and I are big time foodies .We get bored of eating the same cuisine daily and crave for "something different" everyday. So it turns out that I tend to feel guilty if I don't try a new recipe for a long time or cook an elaborate Indian meal each week.

Here are few new recipes I tried this week. I'm sure many of you m…

April TUSAL Update

It's time for TUSAL and stitchy pie update.

Here is picture of my ORT jar, which is now richer in colors  :)

I had a relaxing weekend with ample time to do everything that includes doing nothing ;)

I'm happy to say that I have managed to stitch 893 crosses since 15th April which is a lot for me. My target is to complete my current WIP by next GG post and am thinking of joining one more SAL.

DH & I are big movie buffs which can sometime means a movie a day. This weekend we watched two movies and I particularly liked 'Amazing Grace'.If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend watching it. Its a tale of a great human being William Wilberforce who worked hard his whole life for a making world a better place.

That's it for today...

Goodnight my friends

P.S. Mrs. K hasn't recieved my card yet :(

Gifted Gorgeousness Overload (April link up post)

Hello Fellas,

I had a fabulous trip to London and have brought back loads of cross stitch supplies.

Those who have read my earlier posts know that I wasn't quite excited about my trip to London which is not the usual me. Travelling and exploring the world is one of my passions.

The fortnight spent in London was full of meeting new people, exploring the historic places of London, its natural beauty and some yummylicious food.

The weather was a bit cold for spring but I loved it, as I'm a winter person.

May be I'll write a separate post about my London experience.

This is the card I made for Mrs. K from whom I bought a few charts .She hasn't received the card yet so I don't know whether she likes it or not.

Here are details of this piece.

I had a great chance to meet a cross stticher "in person" while I was in London. A while ago, Ms. G posted on WOCS page that she wanted to give away some 18 ct aida . I jumped on to the opportunity and told her that I will…