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April Check in for Flower of the Month SAL

I'm really enjoying participating in SALs as these keep me motivated to stitch for monthly progress reports.

As the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL hosted by Jo and TUSAL hosted by Daffy require posting in the middle of the month, I have now joined a new SAL where I will be posting at the end of month.

This is the 2015 Flower of the Month SAL hosted by Alyssa. The patterns are the flower of the month charts by EMS Designs.

Though I enrolled in this SAL middle of the month, I kept delaying the start thinking that I have enough time in hand and then on the Tuesday , I panicked realizing that its 26th already ;)
So after 2 hours of stash hunting for appropriate fabric and threads ,here is the progress for the April flower "Sweet Pea" so far

I'm stitching this on 14ct white Aida gifted to me by my friend Ms. G using three strands.
This aida is a lot stiffer than what I have used all my life and I feel three strands is a bit two much for this count.

I'm happy to tell that I'm using pin stitch for starting my thread for this piece. Its my first time using Pin stitch and I find it lot easier than the dreadful French knots.

I'm looking forward to a creative weekend ...what are your plans for the weekend folks?



  1. Nice start. I have finished a flower from this series.

  2. I've seen a few people stitching these designs now. They are very pretty.
    I use 2 strands over 14/28 unless it's black thread which can be quite thin. In that case I'd use 32 count fabric!

  3. Great start! I love the flowers of the month, looking forward to watching your progress!

  4. Great start and I'm sure you will catch up soon. I'm still doing FebruAry and I've been in from the start so you are certainly doing better than me


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