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Gifted Gorgeousness SAL June update

Hello lovelies,
It's that time of the month when we show what gifts we have been working on or/and what crafty gifts we have received. If you don't know what I'm talking about , check Jo's blog for more info.

First, baby blanket which I'm knitting for my friend's baby due in Aug, however the target is to finish by next week. It seems almost impossible now, even though I have been knitting it every free second of my time. I carry it in car to utilise the 15 mins of commute to office, at least I'm trying.
This is how I look it after 26 days....

DH and I have joke where we say "oh it looks like its grown to 15 inches" and find it to be always shorter by 2 inch of our guess 😁. Any guesses how long is it now?

I had to think very hard what else can I show you for this post and I remember that I missed showing some gifts I gave and received like the next two:

Presenting my first ever design....ok I know its pretty simple and is not a big deal for many …

Lovely exchange with Preeti

Good morning friends ,

New day and a new month... where is the time flying.

I'm still recovering from my amazing holiday in the Himalayas , living in cottages overlooking rives/valleys , eating simple local food and soaking in the peace of the mountains away from internet , mobile etc.

One of the added advantages of travelling outside Kuwait is sending and receiving goodies to friends and fellow crafters.

One such goodie bag I received was from Preeti , we have been talking about an exchange since long, however the timing never clicked. I have been persistent and asked Preeti this February  again for the swap. This time it did work out.

Here is what Preeti sent me
We agreed on 2 handmade+ 5 extras for the swap. Look at the beautiful bird cross stitch Preeti made for me, so pretty and colorful (and  big as per swap standards). Lesley Teare is one of my favourite designers, and Preeti chose a perfect pattern to stitch for the swap.

As Preeti and I do crochet and knitting respective…