Thursday, 1 June 2017

Lovely exchange with Preeti

Good morning friends ,

New day and a new month... where is the time flying.

I'm still recovering from my amazing holiday in the Himalayas , living in cottages overlooking rives/valleys , eating simple local food and soaking in the peace of the mountains away from internet , mobile etc.

One of the added advantages of travelling outside Kuwait is sending and receiving goodies to friends and fellow crafters.

One such goodie bag I received was from Preeti , we have been talking about an exchange since long, however the timing never clicked. I have been persistent and asked Preeti this February  again for the swap. This time it did work out.

Here is what Preeti sent me
We agreed on 2 handmade+ 5 extras for the swap. Look at the beautiful bird cross stitch Preeti made for me, so pretty and colorful (and  big as per swap standards). Lesley Teare is one of my favourite designers, and Preeti chose a perfect pattern to stitch for the swap.

As Preeti and I do crochet and knitting respectively in addition to cross stitch, we added items made using these crafts.

Goodies sent by Preeti include burlap ribbons, cookie cutters, crochet diya hanging -very appropriate for Diwali celebrations,  buttons ,easel and a postcard.

Thank you Preeti, I love everything in the package and the cross stitch and heart hangings are already adorning the walls of my house.

You must have seen what I sent to Preeti on her blog, just a quick round up here
I made a biscornu for the cross stitch handmade , my first and I'm pretty happy the way it turned out. I have always been intrigued and intimated by biscornus , so I decided to  come out of comfort zone and try making one for the swap. Biscornu expert Kerry was consulted in the process and the result is here.

Pattern by Faby Reilly

The design called for beads, which I didn't have but I think it looks good without beads . What do you think?
For the second hand made I made some knitted coasters , again a first for me.

For the goodies I added some linen, backing fabric, Mill hill kit , needle minder, scissor fob, stationery to the package.
I'm happy to say that the gifts have been well received .

The easy part about the swap with Preeti was that we have similar tastes and choices of what themes we don't stitch or make. As we both are from same cultural background it was easy to understand what the other person likes.Not that I don't like swapping with my crafty friends across the globe 😁

Preeti , thank you for the wonderful swap . I throughly enjoyed making these little items for you and I look forward to more such swaps in future.


  1. I love that beautiful little bird that Preeti made for you.
    I agree that it is quite a piece for an exchange, you are one lucky lady!!
    Your biscornu is so cute too, I love making those, they are always fun.

  2. Another beautiful gift! And your biscornu turned out great! You would never know it was your first one :)

  3. How wonderful that you and Preeti finally managed to swap. You both made some really gorgeous items. That cross-stitch is so very pretty.

  4. Oh, your trip to the Himalayas must have been amazing, Mini!! Will you be posting photos at some point?

    What a lovely swap--you both made such pretty gifts and I am happy your first biscornu turned out so well :)

  5. Great swap Mini , you exchanged and made some beautiful things. thank you for the mention, although i'm no expert! You made your biscornu beautifully - i see many more in your future! I'd be happy to swap one if the timing ever is right.

  6. What a fun exchange. The bird picture is lovely and your biscornu is great too. I can see more of these in your future!

  7. Wonderful swap, well done to you both.

  8. I had just seen pictures from your exchange with Preeti on her blog. The stitched pieces you and Preeti made for each other are all so beautiful. And great goodies as well. A wonderful exchange.
    Great to read that you had such a relaxing vacation in the mountains.

  9. Wow, Mini! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!
    Looks like you and Preeti had a lot of fun with your swap!
    Well done making your first Biscornu ..... I've never made one, hadn't even heard of them until I started blogging! Love the bird pattern Preeti stitched for you .... what a lot of stitching, would have taken me years! And gosh, you knitted coasters too ..... they're very pretty.
    What gorgeous gifts you both made for each other. A great swap to read about.
    Hugs, Barbara x


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