Gifted Gorgeousness March Update

Hello friends,

It's that time of the month when we show what gifts we have been working on or/and what crafty gifts we have received. If you don't know what I'm talking about , check Jo's blog for more info.

As you know it was my birthday last month, I received a wonderful package from Tammy when we last met at our craft meetup in the Secret Garden. What's the Secret Garden, well I would like to write a post about that ..

The package contains goodies she brought me from Sri Lanka:tea, cinnamon,soap, and hand crafted crochet heart, doily , wash cloth, brooch. My favourite is the heart 💗

Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and I made him a card. He loves Owls and has requested me to stitch owls in the past.. This was a surprise for him and why do I mention it specifically ? Well my friends, my husband and I are together 24 hrs a day(not complaining). We work in the same office , in the same department and even can see each other's computer screen. So arran…

Trip to Mirror House, Kuwait

Hello Friends,Winter has come to an end here in Kuwait and the temperature has started rising..some people call it spring though.
We completed 3 years of living in Kuwait recently and this winter was the best of all years we have been here. The temperature touched 0 deg C and below this year, something I always prefer over 55 deg C. This was also the busiest of season for us, my husband jokingly said that the petrol expenses have doubled in last two months. We have been attending crafty meetups, book club meetings, exhibition, fairs and lastly exploring tourist places when my family visited.
This post is dedicated to one such outing to Mirror House,Kuwait. We visited the Mirror House on 24th Feb for a evening tour.  The House of Mirrors or Mirror House, also known as the Khalifa & Lidia Qattan Art Museum is like a wonderland where every wall, floor and nook of the house is covered with mirrors. Mrs. Lidia Qattan single-handedly transformed an old house into piece of art which is now…

The Alphabet Club Catch up post : Letter L

Here I am with my next entry for The Alphabet Club- letter L
L is for Loot - Another loan word from Hindi , the meaning being same in both language .
L is for Laksa  is a popular spicy noodle soup in the Peranakan cuisine, which is a combination of Chinese and Malay cuisine.Laksa consists of rice noodles or rice vermicelli with chicken, prawn or fish, served in spicy soup; either based on rich and spicy curry coconut milk, or based on sour asam (tamarind or gelugur). It can be found in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Southern Thailand.I love Laksa (vegetarian version) and can't forget the first time I had it from a bazaar stall in Singapore in 2011.

L is for Lassi - A popular yogurt /curd based drink in the Indian sub continent. This is served in summers 
to ward off the heat along with meals.Lassi can be sweet or savoury with flavourings added according to 
taste. Laban is arabic name/equivalent of Lassi.I'm sure many of you living in the UK must have tasted Mango lassi atleast…

Gifted Gorgeousness Feb Update

Hello Friends,

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post and birthday wishes . My birthday this year was extra special  as my brother visited us here in Kuwait and we had a blast . We explored new places in Kuwait, ate good food and talked for hours. Isn't spending time with family the best way to celebrate a birthday?

I know I'm late for the GG post this month as I was saving the post to show you gifts I sent and received .

So here it goes, first are the gifts I received from my craft group for Valentine's day.

Starting from top: Crochet heart from Tammy, Middle one from Z, tiny yellow heart is my attempt to make a knitted heart and was given to DH.

This year I decided not to buy any stitchy gifts for my birthday as I'm trying to finish what I have in my stash. My humble stash of 3 years of cross stitching is nothing compared to what I see here on the blogging land but I have been trying to optimize what I buy and keep in my stash.

DH surprised me with this b…

Theme-tas-stitch 2017:Focus Finish February

Hello Friends,

Its time for first check in for Theme-tas-stitch 2017 SAL. What's that I hear you ask? Theme-tas-stitch 2017 SAL is easy ,no fuss SAL being hosted by Kerry. Each month we are given a theme  and we choose a project which fits it.
The theme for February is Focus Finish . Work on a WIP in your stash that you would love to get finished.  When I joined the SAL I decided to focus on my Candamar Designs kit calledMost Beautiful Things Picture, however I knew I can not finish it in one month. But I do want to finish this asap.

I have been able to add 2948 stitches since I started stitching for Focus Finish . I thought of tracking the number of stitches for this as it would give me a better perspective . Then I set up targets, 100 stitches in a week day and 400 stitches each day during the weekend. Looks easy right ...only if I stitch every day. I stitched 13 out of 20 days in February till now.

Here is a before and after picture.Sorry the pictures in night time under a lamp…

The Alphabet Club Catch up post : Letter K

Hello Friends,
I’m back with another TAC catch up post . Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I’m happy to know that you found the J words interesting.
This post is going to be a long one, so get a cup of coffee and start reading.
K is for Khaki(UK/ˈkɑːkiː/,CanadaandUS/ˈkækiː/) is a color, a light shade of yellow-brown.Khakiis aloanwordincorporated fromHindustani(UrduorHindi) ख़ाकी/خاکی (meaning "soil-colored") and is originally derived from thePersian(Khâk, literally meaning "soil"), which came to English fromBritish Indiavia theBritish Indian Army.The word Khaki is commonly used for police uniform these days.

Another loan word from ancient Indian language Sanskrit is Karma (कर्म); (listen).It means action, work or deed. It also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).
I see a lot of cross stitch designers using the word Karma in their designs…

The Alphabet Club Catch up post : Letter J

Hello Friends,
I'm back with another TAC catch up post. This time its letter J..

J is for Jungle .The word Jungle in English has been derived via Hindi (जंगल) from Sanskrit jāṅgala rough and arid. The word जंगल in Hindi has the same pronunciation and meaning as the English word. Isn't that interesting?

J is for Juggernaut.A juggernaut (UKi/ˈdʒʌɡərnɔːt/US/-nɒt, -nɔːt/jug-ər-not[1]), in current English usage, is a literal or metaphorical forceregarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable. This usage originated in the mid-nineteenth century[2] as an allegorical reference to the Hindu temple cars of Jagannath Temple in Puri, which apocryphally were reputed to crush devotees under their wheels.

J is for Jalebi (जलेबी) is a sweet popular especially in India. It is made by deep-fryingmaida flour (Plain flour or All-purpose flourbatter in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup. They are particularly popular in the Indian subcontinent during Diwali.