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Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

Hello Friends, Welcome to Easter Treasure Hunt blog hop organized by our wonderful host Jo... First off I'll start by introducing myself: I’m Mini , an Indian expat in Kuwait. I have been cross stitching on and off since I was 7. My other interests are cooking, travelling, meeting new people and trying new foods. Before I show you what I have to offer for the blog hop, let me tell you how to follow this blog hop. You must start at Jo’s blog and then visit, in order, each of the participants listed who will display a letter.  These letters will form a phrase and when you know what that is, visit Jo again and leave her a comment mentioning the phrase and you might find some treasure. Here is an Easter card I stitched for a kind lady in the UK , from whom I bought some charts last year. The letter you collect here is :
And I would like you to hop on to Kaye’s blog for your next clue.
I hope you have a Happy Good Friday and Easter.

IHSW and my nemesis project

Hello and Welcome to my first IHSW post.

For those of who don't know about IHSW being hosted by Joysze at Random Ramblings, here is how she describes it "International Hermit and Stitch Weekend takes place every 3rd full weekend of each month, from Friday till Sunday. In our very busy and hectic lives, IHSW is a chance for us to squirrel some time away for ourselves and "Hermit and Stitch." It is a time set aside to take care of us and our love for stitching."

Weekend in my part of the world is on Friday & Saturday, so I will be stitching from Thur-Sat and post on Sundays whenever I participate in IHSW.

Here is my starting point of the piece I worked on 

Progress after 6 hours and 20 minutes

I was able to add 1164 stitches during the weekend.

Remember I told you that this piece has a story ...Infact I will call this as my nemesis project-a name aptly chosen by Diya.

So here is the story....

Time rewind to mid of year 2014, picture a girl who has just discove…

Let's talk about birthday gifts..shall we!!

Hello friends,

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last GG post and welcome to new followers.Highest number of comments on any of my blog post !!

As the title of the post tells , I have been getting and making birthday gifts since my last GG post.

Yesterday was DH's birthday and this is what I made for him(apart from all his favourite food).

I baked a chocolate brownie for him instead of a cake for the occasion.When I gifted him the card , he didn't open the card for a while thinking that it is a store bought card and focused on eating the .

Tammy of T's Daily Treasures celebrated a big 0 birthday last week of February.Both of us are a part of the craft group which often meets on weekends.This is what I stitched for her

Trust me it was not easy to decide to what to gift to her. She is multi talented,dabbles in so many crafts, does charity work and is involved in many community projects here in Kuwait. I had to consult a few friends before I zeroed dow…

Subscription dilemma

Please don't kill me for posting second time within minutes of publishing such a long post !!

I need help in deciding whether to subscribe to cross stitch magazines or not (be prepared for my rambling)

Hubby bought me a subscription of The World of Cross Stitching magazine for my birthday in last week of Feb.He worked really hard to get a digital subscription on my tablet with lot of email exchanges with the publishing companies, downloading various software etc.

Since the first time I came to know about cross stitching magazines in 2014 , I have tried to get digital/hard copy subscription only to find that its not possible to get one due to my physical location.
Between 2014 and now, I have bought a few second had magazines and have been gifted a big lot by a kind lady.

TWOCS had a free issue to offer for Valentine day and I was just playing on my I-phone knowing that I would never get the free issue.But, miracle happened and I got the free issue. You can imagine how excited I m…

Come over for some Fun and Gala time at The Alphabet Club

Hello Friends,

It's time for detention at the Alphabet Club hosted by Chiara at Grey Tail. Alphabet club is based on the idea of the movie Breakfast Club and for our detention ,we bloggers post about something related to the letter of the month.

I have been a bad student and haven't posted my club entries for January (Letter F) and February (Letter G), so this is going to be a rather long post.

F is for Fattoush(Arabicفتوش, also fattush,fatush,fattoosh, and fattouche) is a Levantine bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of pita bread combined with mixed greens and other vegetables, such as radishes and tomatoes.
People who follow my blog must be knowing by now that I'm foodie ,however I'm not very diet conscious person. I'm particularly not fond of salads and fruits , so trust me when I mention a salad in my blog ,it must be really yummy. 

F is for Friends , not our real life friends lol , the insanely famous American sitcom. I love this series and have watche…