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Feb entry for TUSAL 2015(and I'm still waiting for my 123stitch order to arrive)

Here is my entry for TUSAL 2015 for the month of February .

I have started filling my ORT jar since January however the most of  threads in it are from my first finish of 2014.

It will take years to fill this with the rate I stitch :(
I have now added a Stitch Pie(chart) to record how many days do I actually stitch .The portion in red is non stitch time.
Not a good record so far....

I haven't stitched since I completed the birthday card on 13th and won't be able to stitch as I'm going on vacation(picture Me doing the happy dance.)

I'm so excited to see my family specially my adorable nephew ....

And yes the long yearning for my order from hasn't ended. Its almost a month now since I placed the order. The USPS site isn't showing any update after 30th :(

I'm a bit scared that my gamble to get things shipped/posted in Kuwait may fail...I hope this doesn't happen and my packet is here once I come back from vacation.

Before I say bye bye ...l…

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL Feb Update

A foreword before I show you my entry for the SAL.

I discovered about Stich ALongs (SAL) in the month of July 2014 when I joined a wonderful cross stitch group on facebook.

I instantly liked the concept and was more pleased to know that in this age of internet ,its possible to have virtual SALs sitting at your home with cross stitchers all over the world...Isn't that fantastic?

I'm hosting a HAED SAL on my FB group now for first timers like me and big HAED fans...

So I came across Jo's stitching blog and learnt about this SAL on the last day of January(Link available on the right hand side bar of my blog) ..and loved the idea. It suits me a lot because I'm going to stitch for my friends and family for next few years.

As I have told you that I have repicked cross stitching after a gap of 10years..i have a lot to catch up.

My personal stitching goals for 2015 is to stitch at least 3 medium/big size pieces gifts for my besties.

The Gifted Gorgeousness SAL will help me ac…

Happy day

I had a great day today....

I woke up a bit early for a weekend and then decided to go to office instead of Saturday. Office has been crazy busy since January leaving no time for my personal stuff.

I tried a new recipe for lunch -Moong dal stuffed capsicum. DH rated it to 6.I lost a few marks due to poor presentation ;),the capsicums were too big to stay upright in the tray.

The recipe can be found here:

After  fruitful 4 hours in office ,when I came back home, I wanted to have some snacks in evening.
So I thought of making dhokla from scratch. In the past , I have made dhokla using instant mix available in stores.

Why is that whenever you want to try a new recipe, you run out of the main ingredient...DH had to run to the nearest store to get gram flour.

The dhokla turned out was fluffy...which is a main feature of a good dhokla. However I felt that taste of  gramflour dominated the wh…

Reading autobiography of my Idol

Did i ever tell you that enjoy reading books,novels,magazines too?

Yes i do enjoy reading most of the normal normal i mean non-political ,non -economical ...ha ha

So,i started reading Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography "Playing it my way " yesterday...i haven't read a book since I shifted to Kuwait.And it didn't help that Kuwait doesn't have a public library ...can you believe that?
There are few bookstores in Kuwait which i haven't explored yet...

If you ask an Indian why are you reading Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography,this may be taken as offence.
Sachin Tendulkar is called "God of Cricket" in India and is the most talented batsman the world has ever seen.

I'm a die hard fan of Sachin..well who isn't. I remember being scolded for not studying to watch a match in which Sachin was playing.

I blame my brother for introducing me to cricket ;) ...oh i miss those matches we played with my father.

One of the pleasant memories i…