Friday, 13 February 2015

Happy day

I had a great day today....

I woke up a bit early for a weekend and then decided to go to office instead of Saturday. Office has been crazy busy since January leaving no time for my personal stuff.

I tried a new recipe for lunch -Moong dal stuffed capsicum. DH rated it to 6.I lost a few marks due to poor presentation ;),the capsicums were too big to stay upright in the tray.

The recipe can be found here:

After  fruitful 4 hours in office ,when I came back home, I wanted to have some snacks in evening.
So I thought of making dhokla from scratch. In the past , I have made dhokla using instant mix available in stores.

Why is that whenever you want to try a new recipe, you run out of the main ingredient...DH had to run to the nearest store to get gram flour.

The dhokla turned out was fluffy...which is a main feature of a good dhokla. However I felt that taste of  gramflour dominated the whole flavor.

I got the recipe from:

DH's rating of Dhokla :7.5

And the day ended with an assurance from my friend that he will take care of my noisy budgies while we are on vacation in India. Thank you so relieved to hear that.

Oh how can I forget to tell you that I finished a cross stitch piece first finish of 2015. I'll post the pics of the piece soon.

What a wonderful day...two new recipes, first cross stitch finish of 2015 and caretakers for my budgies arranged....

I'm going to have a good night sleep today.



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