Sunday, 1 February 2015

Reading autobiography of my Idol

Did i ever tell you that enjoy reading books,novels,magazines too?

Yes i do enjoy reading most of the normal normal i mean non-political ,non -economical ...ha ha

So,i started reading Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography "Playing it my way " yesterday...i haven't read a book since I shifted to Kuwait.And it didn't help that Kuwait doesn't have a public library ...can you believe that?
There are few bookstores in Kuwait which i haven't explored yet...

If you ask an Indian why are you reading Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography,this may be taken as offence.
Sachin Tendulkar is called "God of Cricket" in India and is the most talented batsman the world has ever seen.

I'm a die hard fan of Sachin..well who isn't. I remember being scolded for not studying to watch a match in which Sachin was playing.

I blame my brother for introducing me to cricket ;) ...oh i miss those matches we played with my father.

One of the pleasant memories i have of being a Sachin fan is getting a lot of Sachin merchandise for my 18th bday .

And yes i share my love for the little genius with one of my besties...

Moving on to the book...the book is written in simple English for obvious reasons of targeting the masses of India for whom Sachin is an idol.

I already know what to expect from the book...a tale of a human being with virtues of hard work,modesty and honesty.

Looking at the pictures brought me to tears...this happens whenever i read or watch something related to Sachin's life.

I'm not going to write a book review after i finish reading the book ,rather continue doing what i like...Reading and worshiping "God of cricket"

Last but not the least I would like to thank my DH's friend for gifting me the book....

P.S. I got the chance to taste one of the sweets from Philippine cuisine today. A colleague who came back from his home country ,brought us some sweets. The sweet I tasted is called Pinipig Polvoron.

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  1. It is a great book!! I have just started reading it.


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