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2015 Crafty Achievements & 2016 goals

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the last post of the year. Blogging has been so much fun this year and I have met some wonderful friends thru this.

I started my blog in 2011 to record my experiences of travelling and then I went MIA.
2014 was the year I started writing about my cooking experiments .
I have been part of cross stitch groups on facebook since July 2014 and I also follow various cross stitch magazine pages there.
One day (end of Jan I think) while browsing thru one of these pages, I saw Jo's comment. She was complaining that how she hadn't received her prize from one of the competitions run by that magazine which she can include in her Gifted Gorgeousness SAL. The term "Gifted Gorgeousness " caught my attention and I searched for it on Google and found Jo's blog. Rest is history as they say...ha ha
I asked Jo if I can participate in the SAL, posted about my cross stitching on the blog, back dated the posts to show the work I did in 2014.

2015 has been yea…

Gifted Gorgeousness December Edition

Hello Friends,
Welcome to the year's last post for GG SAL hosted by Jo. I'm not sad when I say last as Jo is going to continue this next year.. isn't that wonderful.

I'm late this month for good reasons. I wanted to end the year with some substantial stitching.

One of my craft group friend mentioned that she is going to travel to the States on new year day and asked me if I wanted to get some stitchy stuff from there . For those of you who don't know , this is the way most of Asian cross stitchers buy stuff . We have kind friends who bring us stuff from USA/UK, which we buy online and get shipped at their addresses. Most of the stash I have acquired is this way because the post here in Kuwait is unreliable and the shipping costs are huge.Blessed to have such helping friends.

So, I decided to stitch a gift for my niece and my friend will post it from the States. I'm sure my cousin doesn't know that I craft and blog so its ok to show what I made for her baby…

D is for Dosti

Hello TACers,

Welcome to the The Alphabet Club Detention club. Sorry I'm late but I'm sure you will excuse me for that. I have been acting lazy, its my favorite season Winter... I love being in blankets, sipping hot chocolate.

As I missed my last month entry, so will cover letters D and E in this post.

D is for Dost (Hindi word) meaning friend , Dosti meaning Friendship.  I may not have as many friends these days as I used to have when in was in college, I still cherish friends who have chosen to continue to be with me all these years.

D is for Dhayawaad( Hindi word) meaning thank you. I'm thankful to all my blogging friends for their continued support and love.

D is for Deepawali or Diwali meaning a festival of lights, my favorite Hindu festival. Skipping the religious reason behind it, I will like to talk about how it is celebrated. The preparations starts with cleaning the house almost two weeks prior to the main day. The festivities long for almost 5 days, with kids firi…

FOTM SAL November Check in

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are doing good in your corner of the world and have started preparing for Christmas(if you celebrate it).

I continue to be uninspired to stitch and an attack by Sinusitis last week has left me feeling lost and home sick.

So many things have been occupying my thoughts and I haven't stitched much since my last update.

However, the good news is I'm giving stitching using a q snap a second try. I bought a q snap sometime in 2014 but didn't like using it with the sewing method.It has been lying in the drawers for a year along with guilt of wasting money on a tool I would never use.

Sometime back a friend posted a picture of a q snap she bought to inspire her to cross stitch again and I thought I should try it again. The fabric for this project is big enough and would be ideal for using a qsnap.

Here's is my progress as of 30th Nov 2015.

I think I'm developing a new hobby of clicking pictures of the sky as DH drives around.

Here are the two c…

A Big Happy Dance - GG SAL November check-in

I have no zeal to blog these days though I have so much to tell you...

November has been a busy month with festivals, exploring around and my MIL visiting us here in Kuwait.
However I think I need to share with you the finish I'm so proud of... Fractal Bookmark FB-312 from Cross Stitch Collectibles. I loved stitching this piece so first full coverage project and my first time handling 20+ colors.I tried cross country stitching and parking method at times for this project and I think I'm ready for big projects now. This will be a gift for a friend , I hope she likes it.

Start Date    11/27/2014 End Date     10/23/2015 Stitch count  70H*200W
I'm trying to focus on my only WIP(as declared in my last post), EMS flower piece, not that I have a target in mind to finish it. May be I will start a new project in new year. I think joining a few SALs would be a good idea to get some motivation and I'm hoping Jo continues GG SAL in 2016 or I would be lost.What SALs are …

FOTM SAL October Check in( The post where I declare I'm a one project

Hello Friends,
We have been experiencing unusual weather here in Kuwait with thunderstorms,lightning and rain.
Though part of north Kuwait have seen flash floods and water logging ,the part of country I live in hasn't experienced any such problems. I'm loving the cloud covered skies, wet roads and clean trees.

I have finished stitching my fractal bookmark which I will show in my next GG post. I decided to scrap the HAED I started on January 1st as I now longer feel motivated to stitch it, which makes the flower series my only WIP. I'm being a good girl and resisting a new start..let's see how long can i resist.

Here is my progress on the EMS flower series which I'm stitching on a single piece of 14 count aida.
I have finished the March flower,except the back stitching. Started the May flower with the frog visiting 5 times in the little stitching you see below...grrr.

With the weather being so nice ,we have been trying to explore Kuwait. Friday we drove to a public…

GG SAL- October Check in

I always smile when people say where did this month go and here I am feeling the same. Looks like the last quarter of the year will be wrapped up soon.

Thank you all for your comments and advice on how to stitch on linen.

A pic of card and bookmark I gave to my boss as retirement gifts. These were well received and he was overwhelmed that I took time out to stitch for him.The bookmark is my first linen project.I can now relate to the praise I always heard about how the look of linen is better than aida or evenweave.

The card was a freebie kit with World of Cross Stitching mag, gifted to me by a friend. The bookmark is a Joan Elliott design from CrossStitcher mag issue 213, again a gift and the linen was a gift from Diya.

I have been working hard to finish my current WIP(will be a gift too) which I have not shown on this blog until now. I have really enjoyed stitching this one, however the confetti sometimes kills the mojo.

This is one of the freebie Fractal bookmarks which Cross Stit…

C is for Chai

Hello Hello,
Its detention day at The Alphabet Club and the letter for the month is C.
C is for Chai(चाय)- It may not be an exaggeration if I say Chai is national drink of India. Every guest is treated to a cup of chai  in Indian homes. Chai is Hindi word for tea and can be prepared black, with milk, without sugar, etc. This comes from the Persianچایchay, which originated from the Chinese word for tea 茶chá.
Until a few years ago I thought tea or chai is native to India ...ha ha the bliss of ignorance. It is prepared in many ways across the country ,here is the recipe my mom follows:
Makes two cups of tea:
1. Boil 1.25 cups of water. Add 2 spoons of sugar . Once the sugar dissolves add 1 teaspoon of chai.
2. Once the chai leaves its essence(the color of water will change ), add 0.75 cup of milk.
3. Bring it to a boil . Sieve the chai and serve.
This is the normal milky sugary version of chai which you will find being served in tea stalls in India . Various ingredients like ginger, cardamom, t…

FOTM September Update and other ramblings

Hello Friends,
Another month has come to an end ,which makes me look back and realize how little I have achieved in terms of goals I made when I first posted for GG SAL. Three medium sized stitched gifts for my college buddies.. ha what was I thinking.
September by far has been one of the most productive stitchy month. I finished stitching January and February flowers ,they were missing two colors. Made some progress on the March flower...

I'm now targeting to finish my biggest piece ever and that has been the focus since 23rd.I hope I will be able to post a finish picture soon.

I won Rosey's blog giveaway in July and this is what I received ...You must be wondering what took it long to reach me ..well the same postal woes. I didn't wanted to lost my prize in post ,so I asked Rosey to post it to Tammy ,who was in USA then.

Gifts from Tammy

Thank you Rosey and Tammy !!

The best thing that happened with my rediscovery of love of cross stitch (which happened in June last yea…

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL -September Check in

Welcome to the blog of World's Slowest Stitcher..ya that's me...
Because I have only a small card and unfinished bookmark to show you this time.
Can you believe this tiny card took me 5 days to stitch?

This is free cover kit from World of Cross Stitching mag, gifted  to me by my friend G when I met her in London . I love how the finished piece looks like ,however I'm not happy with the chart . This design had at least 5-8 fractional stitches which weren't specified in the key.

Next is a bookmark I'm stitching on 28 ct linen gifted to me by Diya and the pattern is from Cross Stitcher mag ,which again is a gift from Mrs. G .This is my first time stitching on linen, in fact first time anything other than aida. I'm stitching it over 2 using 2 strands. I miscounted somewhere and the piece is now off by 1 square. Initially I felt my stitches weren't neat so I took advice from my fellow stitchers and they advised that I should use a hoop or frame to stitch on lin…

B is for Bhārata

Its time for detention at THE ALPHABET CLUB hosted by Chiara .This month's alphabet is B.

Bhārata (भारत)- Sanskrit/ Hindi name of India. A land of over 1.2 billion people, seventh-largest country by area, largest democracy in the world.
Home to Indus Valley Civilization and place of origin of four religions-Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

A country where around 9 religions are practiced in full faith, 200+ languages and dialects are spoken, food changes as you cross state borders (29 states in India) .

Its where Mighty Himalayas stand tall in the north; fertile Deccan plateau in the centre  and 7,517 km of coastline flanked by the Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

The Land of Taj Mahal, Ajanta & Ellora Caves, Amer fort, Red fort, India Gate....

Its hard for me to write about my country in a single post so I will add some pictures from my personal collection of the rich natural and cultural diversity of country called India/Bhārata.

B- is for Birth…