Sunday, 29 June 2014

Oh how i missed ...cross stitching

2014 has been a great year...why...well there are so many reasons to that: First: Me and my husband (fondly called B&B by friends) moved to a new country ;Second: My nephew was born bringing so much joy to the family; Third I rediscovered/repicked my hobby of cross stitching.

I can write/talk so much about the first twos...but I have decided to dedicate this post to Cross stitch.

A little bit of back ground first...cross stitch(also called counted cross stitch) is a kind of embroidery done on special type of fabrics like aida, evenweave and linen.
My mom introduced me to cross stitch when I was 8 years old. It was her way of channelizing my energy into something creative during my two month long summer break.
I remember I always liked cross stitch over the embroideries which my mom taught me in the coming years.

Living in a small town ,the only cross stitch supplies I had access to were anchor threads and 14 count aida. So until I was 19 years old, all I stitched  was table covers with simple borders :)

My aunt who is an immensely creative person gave me a book of cross stitch in 2000 and I started trying hands at bigger designs.

I will post pics of things I have stitched until 2014 soon...

Coming to the present...what do you when the temperature outside is 50 deg C ,you don't have a car to move around and the office ends at 3 pm .....well you cross stitch.
My UFO which I started in 2011 ,then picked up in Dec 2013, was calling me. I had all the time now and started stitching ...
I have also found this wonderful cross stitch group on facebook where I am able to learn enormously about the art of cross stitch .Since then I have made wonderful stitchy friends  who have patiently answered my silly questions.

I can now say that I'm crazy about cross stitching now and wonder how I ever lived without cross stitching


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