Thursday, 19 June 2014

I have a new hobby....Cooking ..yay!!!!

Hello readers,


It’s been a long time, so much so that I have developed a new hobby in the time ;)

My new found love is Cooking….I know many would say oh that’s every females passion.

I have always loved exploring new food. I remember trying new dishes every time my dad used to take us to the local restaurant in childhood. These local restaurants served local delicacies ( of course) along with their own version of other cuisine like Chinese …I know many would agree how they grew up goggling on Indo Chinese chowmein (other name of noodles), fried rice and Manchurian.


As I ventured out of my hometown to pursue my graduation, I got to eat foods of Punjab, one of the Northern States of India (yes…the state which gave the World “Chicken Tikka Masala").It’s amazing how same dish can be prepared in so many ways in India, you end up having 3 to 4 versions of the same dish from different states.
I discovered that I like cooking when I made an attempt to impress my husband (to-be husband, then) by preparing a full course meal. I just loved the look on his face and it’s the same look which inspires me to try new recipes even after 7 years of marriage.

Its 2014, and I have spent substantial amount of time in 5 states of India, adding all lot of local delicacies in my kitty.

Now let me tell you how my passion for travel has helped me develop this hobby of cooking. When you are travelling, being a vegetarian can become really painful, not only outside India but even in many parts of India.

As part of my preparations for travel, I usually search for vegetarian food options which make my stay in the travel city very easy.

Me and my girlfriends often discuss our travels and share tips on “must-eat” of every famous destination. I just realized yesterday that I end up giving out at least one veg. recipe each day to my friends over the phone. So the idea of jotting these down in my blog clicked.

With thousands of food blogs available on internet, I’ll try to be different by writing recipes of  simplest of the food which is cooked daily in Indian household plus the non-Indian recipes I have tried over the years on request of my gfs.

My first recipe to follow soon….


  1. Eagerly looking forward to your recipes!!! I am dead sure ur simple recipes are going to be a big time help for people like me...

  2. Waiting for your recipes... I am amazed the way you have penned down such small yet important aspect of our daily life and loved the way the little knowledge about Punjabis has been shared.. so humbly but aptly shared..

  3. Good initiative .......Seems it will help for my kitchen... :)


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