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Happy Dance!!!

Hello Friends,
Come and happy dance with me! I have finished stitching the House of Margaret Mystery SAL piece. I put the last stitch on this piece last night and I’m elated that my goal to ‘Stitch every day in May’ brought me this success.
I’m happy with the way the design turned out. It was my first time participating in a mystery SAL and I was skeptical what theme this pattern would follow. Glad that it’s a neutral theme and I even have somebody in mind who I can gift this to.
Started on : 8-Apr-2016 Finished on: 30-May-2016 Actual number of stitch days: 25
Stitched on:16 count white Aida
Floss used :Anchor, DMC Designer: Viktoria Horvath Pattern source: House of Margaret Number of colors: 7 Stitch count: 167H*164W Type of stitches: Full cross stitch,  fractionals,back stitch

The pattern was easy to follow and the designer Viktoria did a good job considering she is quite new at designing. As there were very few colors in the design, not much counting was required. It’s my first pattern…

IHSW May Part 2 report

Hello friends,
Hope you all are enjoying Sunday in your corner of the world. I had a great weekend – we went grocery shopping, had family over for dinner and I cooked so many new recipes. I know its Hermit weekend and I was supposed to stitch as much as I can. However, I love cooking and hosting guests so doesn’t feel bad if cooking cuts my stitching time once in a while
I stitched my House of Margaret Mystery SAL piece during IHSW. We are on week 7 and the last part will be released next Friday. In my introduction post to this project, I wrongly mentioned that the SAL will last 17 weeks.
Here is a before pic

Here is an after pic.
As you can see, the SAL is not a mystery anymore..haha. We see Alex, Marty, Melman (from the movie Madagascar) in the picture above. However I’m still guessing who the grey animal is, at first I thought it’s an elephant, because of the big ears in the pattern. DH says it’s a donkey. I don’t remember a popular elephant or a donkey from the movie. So, it looks…

Stitch every 'Day' in 'May'

Hello Friends,

The title of my post is what my target for the month is. You see I was quite surprised to see  that I haven't been stitching much this year, when I made the Pies for my last post.
I know some of you stitch everyday and that's inspirational. I sat thinking why can't I do that: I have a normal 10 hr job (no overtime), don't have to cook for a big family or neither do I have pets who need much care (I have budgies ,but they hardly take any time). So I realized I'm being a lazy bum ...
I have set up a target to stitch every day this month even if it's a single length of thread. It's been a success so far, Thursday being an exception.

Enough of my rant about my time organization .So here is my check-in for Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness SAL, IHSW hosted by Joysze and Friday Frolicking.
I have been working on EMS Flower of the month series which will be a gift for my aunt. I have completed July and August Flowers . Except the back stitching and some…