Sunday, 15 May 2016

Stitch every 'Day' in 'May'

Hello Friends,

The title of my post is what my target for the month is. You see I was quite surprised to see  that I haven't been stitching much this year, when I made the Pies for my last post.
I know some of you stitch everyday and that's inspirational. I sat thinking why can't I do that: I have a normal 10 hr job (no overtime), don't have to cook for a big family or neither do I have pets who need much care (I have budgies ,but they hardly take any time). So I realized I'm being a lazy bum ...
I have set up a target to stitch every day this month even if it's a single length of thread. It's been a success so far, Thursday being an exception.

Enough of my rant about my time organization .So here is my check-in for Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness SAL, IHSW hosted by Joysze and Friday Frolicking.
I have been working on EMS Flower of the month series which will be a gift for my aunt. I have completed July and August Flowers . Except the back stitching and some stitches with white. I prefer to stitch white at the end to keep the stitches clean.

Yesterday morning was my craft meetup and it was so good to see my friends after 2 months. We had a wonderful time discussing crafts, current affairs and stash addictions.
I got wonderful gifts from Tammy, which she bought all the way from Jerusalem.

I tried my hands at sewing again to make a laptop sleeve. It's not pretty or neat however it sure is very useful with the season of dust soon approaching.

That's it my friends for today. I will be stitching the EMS piece today and then pick my HOM Mystery SAL piece tomorrow for rotation.


  1. The flowers are lovely. Good luck on your challenge for the rest of May

  2. The EMS flowers are just lovely. Good luck with the challenge - sometimes we do need to push ourselves just a little.

  3. I do love your flowers. And your laptop cover looks both decorative and practical. I admire anyone who can set in a zip - it would be too great a challenge for me! My rule for stitching is not to have one - I just stitch when I feel like it. But, good luck with your challenge - I hope it works for you.

  4. 10 hours is a long work day. I'm not working now and still have my lazy times where I just don't feel like doing a thing. Your stitching is really coming along and is so very pretty. I agree with Elfie, if you know how to sew in a zipper, than you are doing something right. I'm pathetic at sewing even a button on.

  5. Good for you for stitching so much but I definitely don't think you are lazy! When I start working again I am sure I won't be stitching everyday. :) Your flowers are beautiful, I love the little bees. Very nice gifts your friend gave you. And I think your laptop cover is sweet :)

  6. Great GG post and congrats for your every day May stitching! xxx

  7. 10 hours is a long working day! Stitching should be a pleasure not a chore so don't stress yourself trying to keep up if it's not realistic. Your flowers look lovely and I'm impressed too with the laptop sleeve!

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month.
    I think the internet is the biggest thief of time! I do stitch every day, even on full work days I get the 30 minutes while my son is in the bath.
    Great work on the monthly flowers series, love the colours.
    The laptop bag is great too.

  9. The monthly flower series is delightful and very pretty.

  10. I love the flowers and you have done a great job with the laptop zippy pouch!!

  11. Your flower stitching is so pretty, Mini!! And the pouch will be so handy for keeping your laptop safe--great idea :)

  12. Mini: I get behind myself, trying to catch up is kind of fun.
    Love your stitching choices.


  13. I was also trying to stitch every day, even when it was only for half an hour while I was still working. It's fascinating to see what you can get stitched with just half an hour or a length of thread per day. I hope it still works with you.
    These flowers look so great and well done on that laptop pouch.

  14. Your May challenge is both admirable and inspirational! All the best and many thanks for the amazing idea .. xoxo


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