IHSW May Part 2 report

Hello friends,

Hope you all are enjoying Sunday in your corner of the world.
I had a great weekend – we went grocery shopping, had family over for dinner and I cooked so many new recipes. I know its Hermit weekend and I was supposed to stitch as much as I can. However, I love cooking and hosting guests so doesn’t feel bad if cooking cuts my stitching time once in a while ..lol

I stitched my House of Margaret Mystery SAL piece during IHSW. We are on week 7 and the last part will be released next Friday. In my introduction post to this project, I wrongly mentioned that the SAL will last 17 weeks.

Here is a before pic

Here is an after pic.

As you can see, the SAL is not a mystery anymore..haha. We see Alex, Marty, Melman (from the movie Madagascar) in the picture above. However I’m still guessing who the grey animal is, at first I thought it’s an elephant, because of the big ears in the pattern. DH says it’s a donkey. I don’t remember a popular elephant or a donkey from the movie. So, it looks like it’s going to be Gloria with long ears.

I’m hoping to finish this project next Friday when the last part is released. A happy dance is long overdue.
I will leave you with a picture of Black bean quesadillas I made for lunch yesterday. They turned out delicious. If you are interested the recipe, it is from http://thekitchensinkblog.com/.

Instead of using canned beans and store bought chipotle sauce, I cooked the beans myself and made chipotle sauce with Indian chilly.


  1. Glad you still got in some time to stitch.
    Kathleen Mary
    I blog at https://kathysnest32.wordpress.com/

  2. Looking great, the movie is fab! Your meal looks yummy too

  3. Great progress!! Barbie also looks very impressed :) And your quesadilla looks delicious!!

  4. Great stitching - looks like a fun one with blocks of bright colours.

  5. Such a fun project - and you will have a finish soon :)
    Great picture of your quesadilla lunch, I'm sure they were just as delicious as they look.

  6. That's terrific progress on the sampler. And lunch looks delicious!

  7. Oh yes, I can see the Madagascar characters coming up!! Looks really good and fun to stitch :)

  8. I've not see the movie but I'm assuming Gloria is a hippo since it's gray. Looks like hubby is getting his fill of black beans now. So many wonderful ways to cook them up.

  9. Great stitching!! Fourth one is Gloria the hippo with small ears but rest everything big ...lol

  10. Great work on your fun sampler, Barbie seems to approve too...

  11. Glad to see your stitching dear and really this dish looks so tempting.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Your lunch looks delicious and thank you for the link to the recipe. Your SAL piece is coming along beautifully!

  14. I loved the movie Madagascar and those stitched caharacters are all so very cute !

  15. LOL!!! Love how you showed off your "after" pic!


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