Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL September Update

Welcome to the blog of World's Slowest Stitcher..ya that's me...
Because I have only a small card and unfinished bookmark to show you this time.
Can you believe this tiny card took me 5 days to stitch?

This is free cover kit from World of Cross Stitching mag, gifted  to me by my friend G when I met her in London . I love how the finished piece looks like ,however I'm not happy with the chart . This design had at least 5-8 fractional stitches which weren't specified in the key.

Next is a bookmark I'm stitching on 28 ct linen gifted to me by Diya and the pattern is from Cross Stitcher mag ,which again is a gift from Mrs. G .This is my first time stitching on linen, in fact first time anything other than aida. I'm stitching it over 2 using 2 strands. I miscounted somewhere and the piece is now off by 1 square. Initially I felt my stitches weren't neat so I took advice from my fellow stitchers and they advised that I should use a hoop or frame to stitch on linen. Also they suggested that the sewing method shouldn't be used for stitching on linen and I should use the stab method. So I'm stitching this piece in a hoop, using stab method and sometimes using railroading to get neat stitches.

Both the card and bookmark will be a gift for my boss who is retiring next week and has chosen China as his retirement home.

It would be helpful if you my friends can advise on following:
1. Is it necessary to use hoop/qsnap/frame for stitching on linen?
2.If the answer to above is no, can we use sewing method on linen?
3.Do you use railroading to keep your stitches neat?

Sept. 12th was International Crochet day and Sadu house (a traditional art house in Kuwait, more about this in another post) opened its gates to public for this event. It was small fun event where I met my friends from ravelry group. I didn't click any pictures ,if you would like to see some, please visit Tammy's blog.

I tried my hands at rock doodling and this is how my first rock doodle looks like. I picked this rock at the beach side at Nigg,Scotland.

I think I didn't show you guys one of the office merchandise bag I painted to use as my craft bag .Just some free hand Warli painting...

Life has got busy all of a sudden..until 3 months back I complained about being bored in this country and now I have so many events to attend, people to meet, places to visit and I have started reading again..I'm about to finish my 3rd book in 15 days.
Well I like being busy ,exploring new places and meeting new people..may be that's the reason I get less time for stitching now.

Oh before I end this post , here are 2 pictures some of you Sampler lovers may like which I clicked at Skaill House, Orkney.

Click on the picture to get details


  1. Congrats on two lovely finishes!
    I always stitch using a hoop or Qsnap but I do know a few people who use neither. Personally, I don't think that the tension in my stitches would be uniform if I did not use a hoop. I read a recent bog post where the stitcher used the sewing method. It was much fasted but she did mention that the stitches were not all even. She tended to stitch primitive designs so this did not concern her. Yes, I do railroad to allow my stitches to lay flat. Some say that if you drop your needle, allowing the thread to unwind, that this also works to keep stitches flat.
    I have never heard of or seen rock doodle. That is so nice. Your hand painted bag is also very nice. Very talented!

  2. Your finishes are lovely !! :) I wanted to paint a rock too but most of the smooth ones just came and lost when my daughter took those for playing hopscotch. I am planning to collect some from vacation but I am sure my husband will throw them because he doesn't like extra weight on flight travel. We(that's me, only) carry lot of luggage while travelling for long trips.
    Your question paper is very difficult :) but I will answer what I like not as an expert advice.
    I hate using frames for cross stitch where holes are properly defined. The fabric that I get in India is pure cotton but with starch so it is firm. It depends on what I want to stitch. If I am stitching big project, I will soak and remove the starch and then it is easy to use railroad method working only on surface without the frame.
    If I want to make card or anything stiff, then I use a frame and use stabbing method.
    This was for aida, I apply same to linen. But I see for dimensions kit fabric, though they say cotton, it's not at all like egyption or Indian cotton which are soft.
    But I would suggest use Q- snap frames, you get extensions to increase the size as well. They are good as such and affordable but not the best I assume.
    You decide based on fabric, what you want to use. There is no specific rule and the stitches would be neater irrespective of gadgets, it just requires experience. I have learned a lot gradually how to improve and still doing. Hope I did not confuse you and I will pass your test:)

  3. The two finishes are lovely. Rock painting is also nice. I don't use frames for cross stitch. I am new to the words railroads and stabbing methods in cross stitch. Looks like reading greek and latin mini. going to google it to know about it. Warli painting is also nice.,

  4. Your card and bookmark are lovely. Linen can be stitched in hand, using the sewing method - in fact I have read many times that this is the way linen should be stitched.. Personally, I put it in my lap or floor frame, because my hands get sore and cramp if I hold fabric in hand for any length of time. And I always use the stabbing method, so I can stitch with two hands (one on top, the other underneath the fabric), which allows me to stitch much faster than the sewing method. Railroading works for me on any fabric with the stabbing method of stitching.

  5. Love the old samplers. What the heck is stabbing, railroading and the sewing method? I really have no idea. I've not stitched on linen in years but I have never used a hoop. Just roll and old. About the only stitching I do now is on 8 count aida with cotton yarn and a darning needle. My eyes are old. Ha! :) Love your doodle and the bag painting. I save all paper bags and then doodle on them for gift giving. Waste not, want not. :)

  6. Lovely finish! And the bookmark is coming along nicely. I've only recently started stitching on evenweave, but I stitch in hand using the stab method. I don't know what railroading is, although I've heard the term.

  7. A lovely job on the card and the bookmark is coming along nicely. I love the fabric it is on! Since I discovered the Q-snap I use it all the time but before that I always stitched in hand. Looking back I can tell that a linen piece was stitched in hand because it looks like my stitches are being pulled to tight and I don't notice that with the Q-snap. I can't help you with the sewing method because I can't seem to do that lol. Also I do railroad but I don't know if I really notice that much difference but I am in the habit now so I just keep doing it. Your rock looks so good! I thought it was a piece of jewelry before I read that it was a rock. What a great reminder of your trip :) And those samplers are beautiful!

  8. This post is reassuring...All these great stitchers who all work different methods and get great results! I prefer to work without a frame and use the stab method whatever fabric I use, because that's how I stitches for many years and to me it looks neater.

  9. Lovely stitching! The rock doodling has me intrigued...how is that done? Love the samplers!!

  10. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Sometimes those little designs do take ages!
    Well done on making a start on linen. I'm like Justine, I always stitch in hand and use the stab and stitch method. I always railroad too, it's much neater even if you just do the top stitch.
    Is the fabric an evenweave where every fibre is the same or a genuine linen where some fibres are thicker than others? You will find evenweave easier to start with and your stitches will look more equal to each other. With genuine linen you can get one row which is wider or narrower than others.

  11. OK, I went back and enlarged the photo and can see straight away it is linen, you can see the variations and the slubs. When you finish this piece, try evenweave and see which you prefer.

    I also love your stone art!

  12. Hi Mini,
    I could find the reason why you were slow in stitching.
    You have so many interests and ongoing projects.
    So don't be too hard on yourself.

  13. Don't worry about being a slow stitcher.... I am a slow stitcher and while I marvel at how quick some people manage to stitch, I just enjoy my stitching and plod along and try not to let it worry me too much! After all it's not a race! ;o)
    I stitch on linen and evenweave and always use my q-snaps. If a piece is really small (like the magazine freebies) I will hold them in my hand to stitch but I do find that uncomfortable for larger pieces. I also use the stab method (the sewing method doesn't work for me) and I do try to railroad most of the time.
    Over all, though I think you have to do what works for you,,,, after all you are the one working on the piece :o)
    I love the bookmark you are stitching :o)
    Hugs xx


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