Thursday, 3 September 2015

Stitch a Little ,Stash a Lot

This is what I have been doing last month...
I lost my mojo towards end of July, then we were on vacation and as soon as I came back to Kuwait , I was in bed for two days because of severe cold.
I actually managed to stitch 4 days on my 15 days vacation which I think is decent.
So here is my August Check-in for Flower of the Month SAL hosted by Alyssa
Very little progress ,just some border and start of March flower

Its time for some show off some stash

Me and Diya were casually chatting on facebook and then she says "Hey, do you know Rainbow gallery is having a clearance sale?"
"No" said me "but I will have a look"...She is such a enabler..Look what I got:

 Lizzie Kate,Mill hill Kits,Bohin Needles and fat quarter of 28 ct misty blue linen.
God knows when I will start stitching on something other than Aida...I just keep buying different fabrics.

Of course you must buy some supplies whenever you go to a new country. So off we went to Nifty Needles in Linlithgow ,dragging our big bags from the train station ,bought the stuff and caught another train to Stirling. OH is such a darling he didn't fuss even once though being sleep deprived .

I bought two DMC skeins to complete my floss collection at the outrageous price of 95p with some free Anchor designs.

Charity shops were the next destination:

Great finds form Charity shop in Bridge of Allan

Some magazines from Charity Shop in Tarbert
Justine was selling some stash of hers on her blog and I wished to buy this cute Soda Stitch pattern . She generously sent me this pattern, refusing to take any payment. Thank you Justine

 I'm ashamed to show my monthly pie chart

 Hoping to do some recovery during upcoming public holidays.

Edited: Question for all you experienced bloggers:
If I reply to comments on my blog post to a person who has a email associated with their blog thru the reply option, does that go into their mail box?


  1. I don't know if I would qualify as an experienced blogger lol but yes I think it does go to their mail box. I have gotten replies to comments I have left on blogs but I always click that little "Notify Me" box so I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I don't always notice replies right away because I have let my inbox get out of control with about 13000 new messages, but eventually I will notice a reply haha.

    Great stash!! I am in love with Soda Stitch, so much so that I cannot decide on which pattern to get first lol. And little progress is still progress :) Your flowers look lovely!

  2. Lovely flower progress and yay, you're on the daffodil~ I'm glad you picked up the SS pattern. They are so adorable! I was eyeballing it on Justine's page too haha. And of course you must always buy new stash when you visit somewhere. It's in the Stitcher's Rule Book, right? :D

    If one checks the "Notify me" box underneath the comment form, yes, your reply will get emailed. However, every other comment posted after will also get emailed to the comment poster even if they are not direct replies. For this reason, I never check that box. I temporarily bookmark the blogs where I know the person replies directly so I can check back. Blogger has the most frustrating comment system of several different blogging sites I've tried (personal opinion lol).

  3. The flower SAL is looking lovely even with limited progress.
    Your stash is great, and yes we do pay 95p a skein if we buy in a bricks and mortar shop rather than online. Shocking isn't it?
    If you "reply" on your blog then everyone who visits can see it but the person who wrote the comment won't get an email. It's useful for "no reply" people or for questions you think everyone would like to see the answer. But it's no good for people like me who struggle to keep up with each blog once, let alone two or three times to see if my comment got an answer!

  4. Finally found your blog Mini! Great new stash. Love the Mill Hill owlet and Bohin needles too, my favourites!
    I'm amazed you found time for any stitching while on your travels.

  5. Lovely stitching !! And great stashing !!:) I know we end up collecting so much which we know it's impossible to stitch everything in one single life.
    You can see my post here about commenting and replies. Not sure, if this fix still works.


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