Saturday, 5 September 2015

B is for Bhārata

Its time for detention at THE ALPHABET CLUB hosted by Chiara .This month's alphabet is B.

Bhārata (भारत)- Sanskrit/ Hindi name of India. A land of over 1.2 billion people, seventh-largest country by area, largest democracy in the world.
Home to Indus Valley Civilization and place of origin of four religions-Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

A country where around 9 religions are practiced in full faith, 200+ languages and dialects are spoken, food changes as you cross state borders (29 states in India) .

Its where Mighty Himalayas stand tall in the north; fertile Deccan plateau in the centre  and 7,517 km of coastline flanked by the Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

The Land of Taj Mahal, Ajanta & Ellora Caves, Amer fort, Red fort, India Gate....

Its hard for me to write about my country in a single post so I will add some pictures from my personal collection of the rich natural and cultural diversity of country called India/Bhārata.

 Ajanta & Ellora  Caves- an epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture
Rajasthani folk dance

Thousands of migratory birds like flamingoes fly to sleepy village of Khijadia every year in the month of January
The elephant hill in Western Ghats
Baby Olive Ridley Turtles walking towards the sea just after egg hatching on the Western coast of India
The Taj Mahal
B- is for Birth Sampler I made for my Nephew. I guess I can use it for all the entries of  TAC, as it has all the alphabets of the English language. Not the best picture though.

I think I will skip the rest of tit bits starting with alphabet B ,which I initially planned to include in this post. Don't want to bore you guys...

Hopping off to blogs of other TACers for some interesting reads.


  1. Very interesting post, elephant hill looks great, lovely stitching. xxx

  2. Wow, such wonderful pictures! So much culture and diversity in one country - lovely.

  3. Nothing boring in your post, I loved seeing all the pictures of your beautiful country.

  4. I've been once and loved it. My husband lived there in the 70s and still wants to go back and explore some more. The stitching you did is lovely. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. The Alphabet Club is a neat idea!! You have Elephant Hill and we have Elephant Rock! .

    1. Thank you Khristine for the link. It amazing how similar the effect of air/wind has on these two structures

    2. You are most welcome! :) I thought it was so neat that we live so far apart but we both have an elephant made out of rock!

  6. Gorgeous photos, such a wonderful country. Are those pots just balanced on her head or are they stuck together?


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