Monday, 30 November 2015

FOTM SAL November Check in

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are doing good in your corner of the world and have started preparing for Christmas(if you celebrate it).

I continue to be uninspired to stitch and an attack by Sinusitis last week has left me feeling lost and home sick.

So many things have been occupying my thoughts and I haven't stitched much since my last update.

However, the good news is I'm giving stitching using a q snap a second try. I bought a q snap sometime in 2014 but didn't like using it with the sewing method.It has been lying in the drawers for a year along with guilt of wasting money on a tool I would never use.

Sometime back a friend posted a picture of a q snap she bought to inspire her to cross stitch again and I thought I should try it again. The fabric for this project is big enough and would be ideal for using a qsnap.

Here's is my progress as of 30th Nov 2015.

I think I'm developing a new hobby of clicking pictures of the sky as DH drives around.

Here are the two captures I love.

I'm also cherishing handmade beauties my craft group ladies gave me(which I forgot to show you) for World Yarn day and Halloween.

Aren't the palm trees made by Tammy and the Cath Kidston by Z coaster adorable?

My stitchy pie for the month of November.

See you soon in the last month of the year.


  1. I'll have to look up q snap because I have no idea what it is. I'm always looking up at the sky. My husband thinks I have a love affair with the moon. :) Hope you are much better now.

  2. Your FOTM flowers are looking great!! Lovely gifts from Tammy!! Good luck with q-snaps.

  3. I love my Q-snap, I would be lost without it. I hope it works out for you. Your flowers are looking lovely! And handmade gifts are always the best :)

  4. Sorry to hear you weren't well. Hope you are all better now. Those sky pictures are lovely! And I always love seeing your flower updates :) Those handmade goodies look awesome too!


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