Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Big Happy Dance - Gifted Gorgeousness SAL November update

I have no zeal to blog these days though I have so much to tell you...

November has been a busy month with festivals, exploring around and my MIL visiting us here in Kuwait.

However I think I need to share with you the finish I'm so proud of... Fractal Bookmark FB-312 from Cross Stitch Collectibles. I loved stitching this piece so first full coverage project and my first time handling 20+ colors.I tried cross country stitching and parking method at times for this project and I think I'm ready for big projects now.
This will be a gift for a friend , I hope she likes it.

Start Date    11/27/2014
End Date     10/23/2015
Stitch count  70H*200W

I'm trying to focus on my only WIP(as declared in my last post), EMS flower piece, not that I have a target in mind to finish it. May be I will start a new project in new year. I think joining a few SALs would be a good idea to get some motivation and I'm hoping Jo continues GG SAL in 2016 or I would be lost.What SALs are you joining?

Don't have any more words...will see you next month for the final GG check in.

Happy Stitching

P.S. I will be kitting a small project today night to carry to office.Things have changed since I drafted this post at 9 am 


  1. I love your p.s. haha Your fractal bookmark is wonderful! I am sure your friend will love it :) I plan to join the TUSAL again and I am going to join a Lavender & Lace SAL and stitch Celtic Winter or Christmas... I forget which one. I am also thinking of joining in a Brooke's Books SAL and stitch her Advent Animals freebie. Actually now that I think of it I am going to stitch them for sure. haha I also change my mind easily :P

  2. Lovely finish !! :) I had joined some SALs earlier. They are good way to make progress and keep yourself on track . It turned out to be infectious in a way that I gathered too many WIPs. I enjoyed for some time but later I was tired with multiple projects at a time. Join some easy SAL, just like GG where you can post whenever you are ready with or if you have a chart in common with someone. That's also a good way to enjoy.

  3. I love your finish! Such lovely bright colours.
    I am trying to cut down on SALs and just focus on what I want to stitch, when I want to stitch it! Good luck in finding motivation.

  4. Fractal bookmark loos wow...colours are looking lovely

  5. A great finish, so colourful.
    I won't be joining any new SALs, just the ones I'm in and that will continue next year.

  6. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I will be continuing into 2016 and beyond! Until I have stitched all my gifted charts and kits LOL
    That is a beautiful design even if it makes your eyes spin if you stare at it for too long!
    Next year I'll be doing the TUSAL, the WIPocalypse, the Smalls SAL as well as GG and the Hallowe'en and Christmas Ornie blogs. That will keep me busy!

  7. Wow what the bright colours you have used!- very pretty!! Greetings from far,far up in the northest part of Scandinavia Finland.! My name is maija but I use nick name Lumiruusu,,its my language and mens The SnowRose in english. I am allways happy to met new international bloggers -I fouod Your beautiful blog via Stitching Dreams.


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