Saturday, 12 December 2015

D is for Dosti

Hello TACers,

Welcome to the The Alphabet Club Detention club. Sorry I'm late but I'm sure you will excuse me for that. I have been acting lazy, its my favorite season Winter... I love being in blankets, sipping hot chocolate.

As I missed my last month entry, so will cover letters D and E in this post.

D is for Dost (Hindi word) meaning friend , Dosti meaning Friendship.  I may not have as many friends these days as I used to have when in was in college, I still cherish friends who have chosen to continue to be with me all these years.

D is for Dhayawaad( Hindi word) meaning thank you. I'm thankful to all my blogging friends for their continued support and love.

D is for Deepawali or Diwali meaning a festival of lights, my favorite Hindu festival. Skipping the religious reason behind it, I will like to talk about how it is celebrated.
The preparations starts with cleaning the house almost two weeks prior to the main day.
The festivities long for almost 5 days, with kids firing the crackers, adorning the house with lights, buying new clothes, jewelry, making sweets and prayers.
The part I love most about Diwali is putting up the lights...Diyas or earthen lamps are used to light up the whole house: walls, terrace, everything is covered with these flickering tiny lights. Candles and electric lights are also used these days.
Here are some pictures of our Diwali celebrations over the years
The floor and entrances are decorated with Rangolis. 

Hand Made Lantern or Kandil.

Set up for Pooja/Prayer

Pooja thali made by me

Shopping malls all decked for Diwali
D is for Dhow (Arabic داو dāw) is the generic name of a number of traditional sailing vessels with one or more masts with lateen sails used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region. The older ones were made of wood and I have spotted a couple in Oman and Kuwait.
Here's a picture of cross stitch I completed last year which was a freebie from DMC Club. My first big project which brought me back to cross stitching.

I'm really struggling with Hindi/Punjabi words starting with E.
So I'm going to show you two cards I made, designed by one of my favourite designer Emma Congdon.  A birthday and an Easter Card.

 I would love to stitch some designs by Emily Peacock. Here is one i like:

Oh I think its been a long post...will see you soon for GG SAL.


  1. So very interesting to read your D and E post. The festival of lights sounds very exciting and it must be great to participate. Great pictures of the ship.

  2. I love all the colors in this post! I also love Emma Congdon! I could stitch everything she designs. I would really love to do her You Are My Sunshine set. Great post :)

  3. Nice post on D and E. I know it is difficult to spell words in other languages. You may have to think about the letter that spells --ainak, Aitihasik, to actually rhyme with the sound 'E' creates. Else there are always names --Saint Eknath, Ellora caves, Eden Gardens stadium, the last ones are again in English.
    I can now feel while thinking that there aren't quick words in Hindi with E.
    Lovely stitching pieces :)

  4. Wonderful stitches! Thank you for such a detailed post on D and E! There are some things I hear for the first time. It's really interesting. Thank you or Dhayawaad!
    Commented on Words and Signs at

  5. That flower stitching is gorgeous. Would make my eyes crazy. I just don't have the patience for such things anymore. Nice D and E information and photos. See you Saturday! :)

  6. Thank you for visting my blog is allways a joy to get to kno fellow stitchers cultures ,great pics you had.h DMC Flower stitching is really a large and georgeus piece of stitching. Well done Mini :)

  7. Dhayawaad for such a great informative post for both letters.
    I love those Rangolis, that is a craft I would like to try. I'm not sure I could keep my son away from them though. They wouldn't look so good with small foot prints across them.
    I like Emma Congdon's Cheese card and love Emily Peacock too.


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