Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Let's talk about birthday gifts..shall we!!

Hello friends,

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last GG post and welcome to new followers.Highest number of comments on any of my blog post !!

As the title of the post tells , I have been getting and making birthday gifts since my last GG post.

Yesterday was DH's birthday and this is what I made for him(apart from all his favourite food).

My first quilling attempt
I baked a chocolate brownie for him instead of a cake for the occasion.When I gifted him the card , he didn't open the card for a while thinking that it is a store bought card and focused on eating the brownie..lol .

Tammy of T's Daily Treasures celebrated a big 0 birthday last week of February.Both of us are a part of the craft group which often meets on weekends.This is what I stitched for her

Trust me it was not easy to decide to what to gift to her. She is multi talented,dabbles in so many crafts, does charity work and is involved in many community projects here in Kuwait. I had to consult a few friends before I zeroed down on this project.

An example of Tammy's talent is this picture...my lovely birthday gifts from her.

Let's talk about my birthday gift from DH now...digital subscription to The World of Cross Stitching Magazine. I posted about my dilemma of whether to keep the subscription or not in my last post here. 10 people commented and 6 said that it would be a better idea to buy an individual issue once I find out what chart I like in that .So I have decided not to keep the yearly subscription. However,before I could take a decision ,the amount for yearly subscription has been deducted and I will try to get the money back and pay for a single one.Don't know if I will get any success in that looking at all the digital subscription woes I read on facebook.

I started a new project on 3rd march...a gift of course . This piece has a story (how can there be not a story!!!) which I will share in my next post.

Progress as of 12th March
Another gift (shoe horn) which I can show is a square I stitched "Stitch for Syria" project which Jo talked about on her blog few weeks back.This is a free pattern from Mr. XStitch and concern world wide . The square is now on its way to London . Thank you Jo for spreading the word for such a good cause.
The aida was a gift and I have used one of the floss my mom gave me a few years back.

I'm participating in a daily challenge on Instagram called RockYourHandwriting. I'm loving it so far, I actually started logging in a craft journal which I have been thinking to do since long.The craft journal is up-cycled from a planner from a dental clinic,wrapping paper,clothes tags :)

Its lovely to scroll thru feeds of various participants and look at their beautiful handwriting and journals.
Do you like participating in any such challenges?

It's starting to get hot in the day time here,summer is knocking on the door. I hope you are enjoying time stitching in your corner of the world.

P.S. I just realized that I have completed goal number 7 & 9 on my list ...Yahoo!!!


  1. So many crafting to be seen here, Mini. The card you made for your husband's birthday is so lovely. And such a nicely embroidered gift for Tammy. I'm curious to read about the story behind your new stitchy start.

    I just hope that you will get your money back from the subscription hat you don't want. These things are sometimes very annoying and not always successful. I wish you luck.

  2. What a beautiful card you made for your husband's birthday! I have never tried quilling but it looks very effective. Your gift for Tammy is also lovely and looks very creative.
    Good luck with getting your money back for the subscription - I hope it is sorted out quickly for you.

  3. The flower pen and the little notebook are for you to practice your handwriting skills on the go. :) Ha-ha! Love your quilled card. A friend in Sri Lanka made me one a few years ago. And Leslie actually made my initial with a design and framed it for me a couple of years ago. It hangs in my bedroom. I'm also interested to know the story behind your recent stitching. Your hoop is hanging right behind me where I sit every day to craft and blog. :)

  4. Your quilled card is lovely! And Peace, Love and Crochet looks great! I love your handwriting, that is a really neat challenge :)
    I hope you are able to get your money back from your subscription. I finally finished fighting with paypal last week over that fabric that got lost so I feel your pain at having to think about fighting with a company for your money. I don't want to do it again any time soon!

  5. Your quilled birthday card is wonderful…very talented! I am a huge fan of brownies!!! I'm sure that your DH delighted in that.
    Lovely gift for Tammy. Her gift package to you is filled with such nice items.

  6. Beautiful card. Birthday gifts for tammy are lovely. Stitching progress is lovely. I am also practicing some lettering following youtube tutorials. Whenever I come across the digital magazines I am tempted to subscribe it. But having so many patterns for free online I thought I will do it first and then go for these magazines in future. Presently I am receiving needle n thread magazine. I have done a couple of projects from the magazine but it gives me a great pleasure when i turn over the pages of those magazines. Crazy me.

  7. Your quilling and embroidery is looking great!! Lovely gifts from Tammy:) Good progress on your new stitching piece, looking forward to its story. Good luck with your handwriting challenge !!

  8. Your lovely card remembered me that quilling was on my list of new DIY try. Great stitchings, square for Syria looks nice. xxx

  9. Great post with plenty of beautiful pieces.
    My favourite has to be your lovely birthday card!
    It really looks nice and effective, but I guess the brownie must have been just as tempting :)

  10. Such a lovely card and beautiful stitching too

  11. So many lovely things in one post =) Keep up with the good work =)

  12. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The GG posts are always my most popular ones too!
    I love the quilled card, it is a very effective craft and looks lovely.
    Tammy sent you some lovely Birthday gifts, I am sure I have seen a cross stitch chart for the M monogram, somewhere!
    I am looking forward to hearing the story behind the new stitch too. It's always interesting to hear the background behind a design.

  13. I enjoyed your post. I admire all your handiwork, especially the quilling (I know how fiddly that is!).

  14. Hopped over here in the GG ..... lovely things you have been making, I don't subscribe to any magazines, there is rarely more than 1 thing I like to feel the cost is not worth it. I'm trying hard to stitch from what I have, I seem to have acquired quite a bit over the years!
    Happy crafting ....

  15. I love that card, Mini! Quilling has always interested me, but it is something I have never tried... I hope you can get your money refunded for the yearly subscription. I just read the cross stitch magazines at my library and there is rarely anything in them I want to stitch so I don't subscribe to any.

  16. Haha I think I would probably be zeroed in on the brownie too. It's the best treat in the world! :D But your card is really lovely too! I like your embroidery hoop project a lot~

    I don't participate in many challenges because if I can't keep up with it, I get very upset with myself (over-dramatic) and feel like a failure. I like to keep track of things I do though! :)

  17. Ooh brownies yum, the card is beautiful. You've been working hard on your new project, looking forward to hearing the story behind it. I've left a reply on your comment on my post for the charts with my email address.

  18. Oh that card is absolutely lovely! It's the second time this week I have stumbled on this craft so am I wrong to think the universe is sending me a sign? (blinks innocently) I should probably obey and go out to purchase some supplies ;)

    Loved your other gifts too. And your lettering challenge is coming along great! :)


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