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KTAA Exhibition/Tassel workshop/WWKIP day

Hello Friends,

Another month has come to end and it’s hard to believe that half of the year has passed.

Things are quite in my corner of the world and my plans to stitch more with reduced working hours this month went down the drain. You ask what happened…well nothing ..I have been just myself …lazy bum.

I have been wanting to write this post since a few days and then delaying it for so many reasons which my mind keeps coming up with.

So here it is…I would like to share with you pictures of a few craft events I participated and/or attended.

First is the Annual Kuwait Textile Art Association Exhibition I visited on 24th May. This was my first time attending the event and it was until my friend sent below picture of a cross stitched piece in the exhibition that I decided to attend.

 It was such an amazing experience to look at these beautiful pieces of craft in person. Though Quilting dominated the show, there were display of crochet, embroidery and cross stitch too. Once I found out that there is category for cross stitch, I inquired about the details for participation. 
Embroidery piece which stood 3rd in the exhibition

1st Prize-Cross stitch category

The quilt in the centre with the face won 1st prize in Quilting Category

Next is a workshop I attended called “Decorative Tassles” on 28th May. This was organized by Sadu House. A small description of Sadu House “Al Sadu Society is dedicated to preserving, documenting and promoting the rich and diverse textile heritage of the Kuwaiti Bedouin, from the nomadic weaving of the desert through to the urban weaving of the town.”
The idea of the workshop was to involve common people for development of Al Shaheed Park which is a community park project undertaken by government and various organizations. The workshop was conducted by Leslie Robertson, US Fulbright Specialist and a local crochet designer.
We were taught how to make tassels with normal yarn first and then with locally hand woven yarn. The ones made with hand woven yarn will be displayed in the park.  
Learning to make tassel stem

Two tassels I made which will be displayed in the park

As you know I was involved in organizing World Wide Knit in Public day here in Kuwait. The event was a success and we had a humble attendance of 8. A mix of crocheters, cross stitcher and knitters. Few pictures:

I made badges for the attendees and everyone liked it.  

My friend ZoZo gifted these goodie bags to all participants.

I don’t have any stitching progress to show you this time, however I’m very excited to be participating in Just one July SAL organized by Justine starting tomorrow. I will be stitching Flower of the Month piece for this SAL.

That's it for today...Hope you have a blessed July.


  1. wow...that was lovely post Mini... good that you could visit the exhibition..I loved the badges you made for the knit in public event

  2. All kinds of stitchy fun! That show looks like it was wonderful with so much variety. And what a treat to take that tassel class. So great to see needlework alive and well.. right down to the knitting in public!!

  3. Looks like the exhibition was a great day out. So much variety and obviously very talented crafters ;)

  4. Looks like you've had a busy month! Your knitting in public day looked like fun. Glad you're joining me for Just One July - you may be surprised how much you can achieve in a focused month!

  5. You have had a great month. The exhibition looks fun. I don't quilt myself but do enjoy looking at them, especially ones which are a little out of the ordinary.
    I think you should definitely enter the cross stitch category next year. Your floral pieces are just as good as the winner.
    Congratulations on a successful Knit in Public Day too, hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

  6. A lovely exhibition, you must enter next time yourself with your lovely work.

  7. That exhibition looks fascinating - I do hope you will participate next year. The tassels look like fun and are pretty. Well done with your knit in public day - 8 is a great beginning!

  8. What an interesting craft show you could attend. These quilts look so gorgeous, particularly the Baltimore one. I love traditional quilt patterns a lot but also love exhibitions with modern quilts. I agree with the other commenters - next time you should participate with one of your cross stitched pieces as well.
    The rack looks great with all the tassels hanging from it. Nice display.
    Good to read that the Knitting in Public Day that you organized in Kuwait was a success. I have no idea if such an event has ever taken place here in my small town but I know that there is a knitting group that meet somewhere in a coffee shop to knit and chat. Unfortunately I don't knit ...

    1. Thank you for the encouragement,next time I will try and participate.
      If you know which coffee shop the group in your town meets you can check and join them. Trust me ,crafting with "real" people is so much fun. WWKIP day is open to all crafters if the organiser is open to it. I don't know knitting and I have been participating in it since last two times.

  9. All great creative, crafty events. I think you should teach us how to make tassels. :)

  10. Wowzas!!! What a gorgeous event... so much talent!!

  11. Really enjoyed your photos from the textile show, Mini! There is so much variety and so many creative things on display...

  12. You may not be busy stitching but you have been busy doing lots of other fun things!! I love the tassels you made, that sounds like so much fun to have them hanging in the park! I love the badges you made, they are so sweet. And I love the Tetris quilt/wall hanging!! So cool!

  13. Doesn't sound like you have been lazy... You certainly have been busy! Good to hear that your event went well :) your badges are so cute!
    Love the pics of the quilt show... There are some very talented people out there in the world :)
    Hugs xx

  14. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful and very interesting pictures. So nice to see what crafters are doing in your country,


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