Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Getting back to routine

Hello Friends,

Is it the 15th already? Just a few minutes back I was thinking that this weekend is the IHSW and I will put up a post for GG and IHSW together (sense the laziness here) . Another look at the calendar and I realise that its the 15th today and time for a GG post. Gifted Gorgeousness is a stress free SAL being hosted by Jo . Go check the easy peasy rules if you wanna join us .

As my post title suggests, I'm trying to get into a routine these days. We moved to a new appartment on the 22nd and it was quite a smooth move. It helped that we were living in a furnished appartment earlier and we had very little furniture to move. We didn't hire any movers and packers and were able to shift on our own.
We were able to arrange all the new furniture and kitchen appliances in 4 days after office hours. The reason I rushed moving  was that I wanted to celebrate Diwali in a new house. Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights is one of the biggest Indian festivals and my favourite too. Cleaning of the house is one of the main ritual associated with preparation of Diwali. The cleaning begins at least 15 days prior to Diwali and involves opening the old trunks and deciding what to keep and what not to.
I mentioned to hubby that I wanted to move into the new house before Diwali as that meant a super clean house and all new stuff. Luckily he agreed.

We enjoyed the festivities for five days and had some friends and family visiting us during this time. I made traditional Diwali sweets and snacks and decorated the house with lights and colors.

You may ask that why should I talk about getting back to routine if the move was so smooth. Well I have been struggling to pick up my needle since August , for that matter I'm not even enjoying cooking which is my second favorite hobby. I don't feel motivated to either craft or cook , which has turned me into a couch potato.
September was vacation month, so again no time for stitching.Then came October,when I committed to participate in a handmade fair with one of the local crafters . I wasn't able to make stuff as the stitching bug is AWOL. May be some other time...

The lighting in the new house is not so conducive for cross stitch , all the bulbs are halogen focus lights. Not enough light to stitch and it's gets dark by the time I get home from office these days. I'm determined to set up a corner to stitch soon.

Yesterday was a good day though..I picked up my journal and cleared the back log of entries .Last weekend I tried two new recipes ,so I'm getting a feeling that I will get back to my craft routine soon.

OK, enough of rant , now some pics of handmade Diwali gifts I received and a scarf I finished knitting for my sister-in-law .
Gifts from Tammy
Gifts from Z
Gifts from Karen

The dishcloth is sky blue in color in real life.

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf for SIL
Some pics of Diwali decor
Small Rangoli for Choti Diwali/Diwali Eve

Food Table decor on Choti Diwali

Rangoli for Laxmi poojan
Food Table set up for Laxmi Pujan 

Handmade lantern

A view of  the dining corner of the house
The runner you see on the table was painted by me in year 2000 or 2001. I never had courage to use it before fearing that some food will drop on it and leave stains. This Diwali I gathered the courage and used it for the table set up. Here is a full picture of the full dining set, with mats on the left and napkins on right. You can see stains it's got from keeping it in trunks for 15 years.

Last weekend I attended a very interesting exhibition , however I will save the pictures of that for my next post.

November marks the start of winter here in Kuwait. Temperatures have dropped to 20s (deg C) and I'm enjoying the pleasant weather. I hope you are enjoying the weather in your part of the world too.

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  1. Nice gifts and the painted table runner looks beautiful. Sometimes it happens to me also that I will not be able to enjoy stitching or crocheting. the mood goes into a dull state for no reason. I don't know why. I thought this happens to me since I am a home maker. During such times I used to sleep in the afternoon and will not cook for dinner. Only after sunday(i will be going out only on sundays) I will get back to normal in that case. That too after shopping some crafty things for me.

  2. Hi Bharti .Congrats for your new house.Its wonderful feeling to celebrate Diwali in new house.Beautiful rangoli, decoration, your hand made lantern specially your table runner.How carefully you kept it :) .your stroll is well finished.like your gifts too specially vase. KEEP POSTING.

  3. Congrats on the new home and hope you had a lovely time during the festivities.

  4. Well, my mojo has taken a break too and I've been a big couch potato the past few days. The table set you made so many years ago definitely should be used. You were worried about it getting stained and that's exactly what happened by keeping it hidden away. Nothing is so precious and we should enjoy such things while we can, right! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your Diwali celebration. It was lovely!

  5. Your table runner is so pretty Mini! Way to pretty to be left in a trunk :)

  6. Welcome to your new home. I'm so pleased that you were settled in time for Diwali.
    I love the rangoli. I'd like to try making some of those but I don't think my son would keep away!
    I'm glad you used the table runner too, it's so pretty.

  7. I love the table runner, so good to see it being used, my dear. Happy Diwali (if that is the correct thing to say) and congratulations on your new home. I am sure that your stitching bug will come back soon. hugs, Kaye

  8. Congratulations on your new home and how nice that the move went so smoothly. Your decorations for Diwali are lovely and so are the gifts. I am a firm believer in using your beautiful things and have the pleasure of the joy they bring.

  9. Glad to know you settled well and could celebrate the Diwali festivities. Your rangolis and handmade gifts, both received and sent, are lovely:)
    I know, sometimes we don't like to do anything, but that's ok. I consider it that my needles and ladles are also taking rest :) Hey, 'Needles n Ladles' is a good blog title, isn't it?
    The starting trouble after a gap of crafting is sometimes a problem. I start with a little bit of organising space, overlooking other household things, then start slowly again. My hubby keeps telling me, 'let the house be dirty, you do what you like to do'. Well, he is also selfish in that he doesn't want to listen to all the cribbing when back from office..he..he

  10. Glad to know that your move was smooth and you could celebrate diwali at your new place

  11. I enjoyed reading your post. Your knitting is lovely (I have always regretted not persevering with learning to knit).

  12. Beautiful work on the runner and lovely gifts! I'm glad your move went smoothly and worked out well for the celebrations too.

  13. Wishing you lots of happy times in you new home.

  14. It's always so very interesting for me to learn about festivities in other cultures. So, it was great to read about your Diwali festivities and to see pictures of the decoration. Good to know that you could celebrate in your new apartment. And that your move went smoothly.
    I do hope that your stitching and crafting mojo will come back soon.

  15. Hi,
    My first time here. Loved the table runner ..it is gorgeous!! All of us get "the block" sometime or the other - sometimes several times :) Who can be creative 365 days a year?? You'll bounce back soon :)

  16. Best Greetings of This Festive Season to you Mini-we are here preparing the Christmas and today is the Indepence Day of Finland too. Hope your stitching mojo will come back soon !


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