Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Alphabet Club Catch up post :Letter I

Hello Friends,

I'm sorry for not posting about the Alphabet Club since long, don't know what happened but I fell off the wagon for this one.So here I am trying to catch up ...

Without further delay let's talk about Letter "I"

I is for Hindi word Indradhanush meaning Rainbow. The composite word Indradhanush is made of two words Indra and Dhanush ,dhanush is a bow , bow of Indra, the god of lightningthunder and rain.
I haven't met a person who doesn't love rainbows. In childhood, we used to wait for rainy season in India to see a rainbow. However, I was quite surprised when I saw a rainbow almost every morning on my way to work while I was deputed to Pascagoula, Mississippi. Here are two of my favourite Indradhanush pictures:

Rainbow spotted on first day to office at Pascagoula,June 2008
Double Rainbow spotted at Edessa Waterfalls,Greece, Sep 2016

I can't think of many Hindi words starting with I, so I'm going to talk about my favourite city from my travels so far- Istanbul. Istanbul , capital of Turkey is one of the most beautiful cities of the world with a right mixture of history and modern world. It has everything to feed various type of travellers: one who are interested in architecture , history(Byzantine and Ottoman Empire), religion , food ,night life . The city is well connected with public transport which is one of the major thing whenever I select a country/city to travel to.The most popular tourist attractions The Blue mosque(Sultan Ahmet Mosque ) and Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) will take your breath away.
Blue mosque(Sultan Ahmet Mosque ) 
Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya)
Süleymaniye Mosque
Chora Church has one of world's most beautiful mosaics of Byzantine times.

I can ramble about the colorful city of Istanbul for days, talk about how it was called Constantinople and was the capital city of Roman/Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman empires, about how this transcontinental city has a rich culture influenced by Asia and Europe, the food , the relaxed evening routine...however I'm limited by time.
I feel lucky to have visited the city in peaceful times and wish peace prevails soon over this magnificient city.

I will be back soon with some intersting facts with letter J ...keep watching.


  1. Such delights to see in your I post, I've enjoyed reading this one.

  2. You are quite the traveler. Istanbul to Pascagoula! Fun post.

  3. You have traveled to so many beautiful places Mini! And I do love a rainbow :)

  4. I love rainbows too, those are lovely photos. Thank you for the comments on Istanbul. That city has always fascinated me and I still hope to get there one day.

  5. Great pictures. I still can't believe you lived in Pascagoula, my old stomping grounds as a teenager. :)

  6. Such an interesting "I" post, Mini--and lovely photos! Happy New Year to you!

  7. You are not the only one who is a bit behind with the letters - me too :) Like you I am trying to catch up.
    Your I post is very interesting to read and the pictures are wonderful.

  8. I love rainbows too. When I was younger I often used rainbow colours when I was colouring patterns in my drawing books.
    Istanbul looks wonderful too. I remember a sing from my childhood about places which had changed their names and Istanbul was one of them.

    1. Are you thinking of "Istanbul not Constantinople" by They Might Be Giants?

  9. And a little research discovers the Muppets' version of the song!


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