Friday, 21 April 2017

Meet "Mini me"

Isn't that an interesting title, probably brings a lot of diff thoughts in the reader's mind.

Well I'm talking about a doll which my friend Z made for my birthday.

Let me explain why its Mini Me. The doll is wearing the same kurta ( ,leggings, peep toe footwear which I was wearing the last I met Z before my birthday. The hair is similar to mine. Talking about attention to details: she is holding a hoop and needle, wearing earrings like me and the cherry on the cake is the mole on the cheek ,similar to one on my face.
The moment I saw her , I couldn't believe the resemblance, not to forget the talent my friend has to replicate me in a crochet doll. This is the best handcrafted gift I have received till now.
Here she is trying to finish my UFO

Thank you Z for the love..I'm falling short of words to thank you.
Z will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday  and I made few things for her, nothing as beautiful as the doll. Z is a coffee lover and I hope she likes the gifts.

Coffee Lover: Freebie from Kincavel Krosses
Stitched on 32 count Cognac Linen (gifted by Diya )
Using Anchor Variegated Floss
I have been trying to make some knitted items and in the process learning new stitches. This cup cozy uses seed stitch which gives a good texture to the finished piece.

Handmade tag using old calendar bookmark , which was a gift from a fellow cross stitcher

If you haven't guessed it until now, this post is my entry for Gifted Gorgeousness SAL for the month of April,run by our fav blog host Jo. For this SAL, we show what hand crafted gifts we made or received every month.

I have some more gifts to show , however I would save it for next month as I don't want to take attention away from my beautiful doll.

I hope everyone is having a good stitchy weekend in their corner of the world.


  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love your Mini Me Mini! There's so much thought and detail in her, wonderful gift.

  2. What an amazing Mini Mini! The cup cozy you have made looks really lovely too x

  3. Love the cup coat :x
    You really inspired me with your work. Thanks a lot!

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  4. The doll is amazing, you've made some beautiful gifts for your friend too.

  5. The crochet doll your friend made is so much fun!
    I like the pieces you've made for her too, I am sure she will be delighted with them all :)

  6. Oh, how adorable your little "mini-me" is :) A very special gift, indeed! Your stitching for Z is darling--I'm sure she will love it and the other gifts as well!

  7. Such a special gift! And so thoughtful! The Coffee pillow turned out wonderful and I want one of those mug cozies!!

  8. The Mini Mini is wonderful! I love your gifts for your friend too, perfect for a coffee lover.

  9. WOW what an awesome gift. I cool to have a doll made in your own likeness. Fantastic gift! I love how you posed her too. That made me smile :D

    Your gifts for Z are pretty incredible too. Good on you two.
    xo Alicia

  10. The Crochet Mini doll is so cute:) That's very creative of your friend to incorporate all the details.
    Your gifts are also very beautiful!!

  11. I don't even think I've properly posted about my mini-me yet. Your gift for Zahra are lovely.

  12. 😀😀😀.... that's one cute doll mini... I love it

  13. A fabulous and special gift you were handmade, lovely ones for your friend you have made in return.

  14. Love that little doll. So much fun to have it personalized this way.
    Your gifts for your friend are fabulous!

  15. Your friend was so clever, adding all those details to make the gorgeous Mini Mini really "You"! What treasures .... both your friend and the gift!
    Great knitting, Mini, and the coffee pillow is lovely!
    Barbara x

  16. Oh so sweet, your little Mini Me :)))

  17. Its adorable and valuable gift dear .This is real talent .


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