Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2017 Crafty wrap up and 2018 plans

Happy New Year friends

I hope you had good time welcoming the new year, in whatever way you did. I had a day off and we had a relaxing time at home and I tried a new recipe which was a success.

I have been reading everyone's wrap up of crafty finishes in 2017 and plans for 2018. I love reading statistics...numbers and pictures speak to me rather than just plain text.

Let's see how I did with my 2017 goals.

Goals for 2017

1. Dedicate more time for crafting specially on holidays/vacation    Non crafting reduced from 42% in 2016 to 34% in 2017
2. Try blackwork        Made a blackwork ATC for swap
3. Learn 2 new ways of finishing cross stitch  Only one new way, biscornu
4. Pick fabric painting again 
5. Keep trying to crochet        Made a crochet hat

Plans for 2017

1. Participate in following monthly SALs
a) New Year New Start with Stitch Maynia (FB group)- I will start Dimension kit "Indian peacock" on 1st Jan 2017. 
b) Tour de Designers 2017 - SODA stitch with Stitch Maynia (FB group) - I will start "The Love Rain" on 1st April. 
c) Tour de Designers 2017 - Lizzie Kate with Stitch Maynia (FB group)- I will start "I Cannot Count"  on 1st July. 

2. Blog SALs/Activities 
a. I will continue to participate in Gifted Gorgeousness SAL .  Yes managed to post all months.
b. I joined Kaye's Friday Frolicking somewhere near April 2016 but shamefully posted only once in 2016. Will try to post more often.  Posted only once
c. Catch up posts for The Alphabet Club. Haven't posted about this since April 2016.  Posted only four times

Apart from above I joined the blog- A New Stitchy Start 2017 and posted only once. I also joined Theme-tas-stitch 2017 hosted by Kerry in February and posted 5 times for the SAL.

Wrap up for 2017 

2017 was clearly a year of exchanges, I participated in 4 cross stitch exchanges and had fun making things for my partners. I enjoy the process of getting to know my partners, making something they will like .I had a total of 6 cross stitch finishes this year. 

I added 9844 stitches to the only WIP from 2016

Progress as on 14th December 2016

Progress as on 31st December 2017

My new year start will be the second WIP I will carry into 2018.
Indian Peacock by Dimensions.Design by Suzanne Nicoll

Knitting caught my interest this year and I learnt some new stitches .I had 9 knitting finishes, achievement being finishing my first baby blanket. Shown here are 5 which have already been gifted.

I'm very proud to say that I hosted a national level knitting event -WWKIP day here in Kuwait. The event was a huge success with considerable media coverage.

I also helped my friend Tammy with a cross stitch workshop for kids in December.

I'm more confident with crochet now and made one hat for hubby.

A little about how much I spent this year on needlework:

Cross stitching supplies                                                 $51.8
Knitting supplies including badges for WWKIP              $122.4
Needlework exchanges                                                  $36.9

Apart from needlework, I took a dig at a new hobby: Postcrossing. It involves sending postcards to random people in the world and bringing a smile to their face.

I finished reading 7 books this year.

Just noticed that my last post was 100th post on my blog. I would like to thank my readers who visit and leave a comment on the posts. Your comments encourage me to blog.

Goals for 2018

I have set simple goals this year to craft every day and finish the WIP from 2016

Plans /SALs:

My choice of designs prevents me from joining any designer specific SALs. As the idea of a SAL is to stitch along with other crafters, I enjoy stitching and posting for a SAL, when the host is involved. By now I know which are the SALs host who make special efforts to leave comments.

I will be joining following SALs this year:
1. Gifted Gorgeousness
3. I may join an Instagram SAL called #gardengatesal later in the year.

I'm thinking of joining Smalls SAL as usually I stitch birthday cards all thru the year. Need to check what the perquisites are for this SAL.

I will also like to blog more often and leave comments regularly on blogs I follow.

So that's it my friends for 2017 and I hope you have lots of crafting time in 2018.


  1. Poor little crochet got not attention in 2017. HA! I don't know how you keep up or come up with all these facts and figures. You did a great job with your knitted projects. Small cross-stitches are about all I can handle these days. I find them very satisfying. Good luck with your big projects. Happy New Year!

  2. Nice recap of 2017, you did achieve lot of needlework finishes. Your 2018 plan looks great too! Good luck.

  3. Interesting post. Good luck with your plans for this year

  4. You created such pretty things in 2017, Mini! I look forward to seeing what 2018 brings your way :) Happy New Year!

  5. Plain text, nooooo, I must ramble endlessly about everything! :D

    I really like the posts with the charts too. I'm just ashamed mine would be 90% no crafting. Your biscornus are so cute. And your WWKIP event was amazing; I'm glad it was so popular. I couldn't organize an event but maybe this year I will bravely venture out to some isolated park and pretend I'm KIP haha.

  6. Such an interesting post - I love the charts. How do you keep such accurate track of what you do? Happy New Year x

  7. I really enjoyed this post, you know how much I like a statistic! I can see that your exchange partners liked owls and butterflies. I like the one with the blackwork background.
    Good goals for 2018. I also like the more open SALs rather than the designer ones. Very happy to see that you will be joining us for GG too.

  8. Wow.. that’s an inspiring list

  9. A lot of lovely stitching and swaps done last year and new confidence made in crochet and knitting. Interesting plans for this year. I wouldn´t know where to start to make a needlework pie.

  10. You had a great crafty 2017! You made great progress on your Butterfly project! Can't wait to see what it looks like when you get it finished :) And awesome goals for this year!


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