SALs 2017

Here is a compilation of SALs I will be participating in the year 2017.

Year long SALs

1. My favourite  SAL, into my third year of participating
Gifted Gorgeousness is hosted by Jo at You can see the details here . I will post on my blog on 15th of each month for this.

2. Hosted by Kerry at ,this is a no stress fun SAL.
I will post on my blog on 21st of each month.The themes starting in February are:
Focus Finish February - 
Is there a WIP in your stash that you would love to get finished - then focus on a finish in February! - Yes, I have a WIP I would like to finish ,though I may not finish it in the month.
Candamar designs "Most Beautiful Things"
March Madness - 
Work on as many different projects in March - You could do one a day or have a day when you see how many you can stitch on.
April Showers - 
What pieces do you have that contain water? - It might be rain, river, sea or lake - see how many stitches you can make! -  I will start "The Love Rain" by Soda Stitch on 1st April.

Monochrome May -
Choose a colour and stitch on your projects that contain that one colour.- I can easily choose any one color from the 3 WIPs I will have by that time.
 Jardin June -
Venture outdoors and put some stitches in a piece that has a garden or floral theme.- Though it will be impossible to sit outside when the temp is 55 deg C , I will stitch on Candamar designs "Most Beautiful Things" as it has flowers in it.
Just one July -
Pick a focus piece for the month and see how much progress you can make - show us before and after pictures if you can.- I will start "I Cannot Count"  on 1st July and will make it my focus finish.

Animalia August -
Give some love to those projects with our furry or feathered friends.- I will work on Dimensions "Indian Peacock"

 September Smalls -
What is the smallest stitch in your stash? Show us your smalls! - May be I'll stitch a birthday card,we will see..
Opulent October -
Break out the bling - stitch with beads, charms, metallics or on sparkly fabric.- May be I'll gather courage to stitch one of the Mill Hill Kits in my stash
 No X November - 
Blackwork, Hardanger, pulled thread or speciality stitches the choice is yours or maybe it's time to tackle the backstitch on some of those almost finished projects.- This will give me a chance to work on Goal 1 from my post here.
Deck the Halls December -
Christmas is almost upon us so pull out those Christmas themed projects or stitch a new ornament for the tree. - May be I will stitch some Christmas cards for my friends.
3. The Alphabet Club being hosted by Chiara - Post about letter of the month , it can be anything from stitching to designers and local customs.Details can be found here.Post on blog on first Saturday of month

4. Kitten stitching and the friday frolics -Join Kaye and other stitchers for some stitching frolic on every friday.

5. A New Stitchy Start 2017 - Start a new BAP on 1st Jan and post about its progress all year here.
A New Stitchy Start 2017 

Monthly SALs I will be participating in

1.New Year New Start with Stitch Maynia (FB group)- I started Dimension kit "Indian peacock" on 1st Jan 2017.
2. Tour de Designers 2017 - SODA stitch with Stitch Maynia (FB group) - I will start "The Love Rain" on 1st April. 
3. Tour de Designers 2017 - Lizzie Kate with Stitch Maynia (FB group)- I will start "I Cannot Count"  on 1st July. 
I hope compiling all this SALs data will help me keep on track.

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  1. Lovely to read what you will be stitching for theme-tas-stitch and all your other SAL's I really like the Lizzie Kate piece. Good Luck.


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