Sunday, 15 March 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL March update and lots more

This is going to be a long post as I have so much to talk about the last 10 days...

First of all my entry for the month of March for the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL .

Birthday card I made for DH...It was a surprise as I stitched it whenever he was asleep :)

I'm finding it difficult to take time out for stitching these days which explains the bigger portion of red in my stitch pie :( . I decided to keep some area of the card unstitched as I was short of time.

On the cooking front , I tried making pasta in red sauce for the first time and it turned out good. The recipe can be found here:

It was the festival of colors-Holi on the 6th ,though we didn't play with colors , I invited my friend and his wife for a festive lunch on 7th . I was successfully able to prepare "Ragda pattice" and "masale bhaat" just before the guests arrived. Why successfully, because there was no electricity for  3.5 hours and wasn't able to cook during that duration.

After the lunch, we had a good chat for 5 hours...yes I'm a talker...
My friend's wife brought Holi special food preparations and we were no more missing home ...blink blink.

Here is a picture of goodies which I got as part of International Women's day celebration in office.

I'll be travelling to London for business on 29th and you know what, all I want to do is buy lots of cross stitch supplies from there. I have already made some arrangements for that(picture me with a mischievous smile ).Imagine its my first visit to London and I have little zeal to visit the  tourist spots .

So if you have some recommendation for a good LNS or a thrift store in and around London , please let me know.
Of course the foodie in me still wants to know what are the must eats in London.

I'm hoping to get a lot of stitching time over the easter weekend during my stay in London if I don't go around and visit the London attractions.

I have now added separate pages to my blog for
a) Other crafts which I pursue( in a hope that these pages will keep me motivated.)
b) Pics of my mom's garden.
c) Cross stitch Finishes-Check this out for details of my finished projects.



  1. I love the card you made or your husband, and please wish him a Happy Birthday from me! Have fun on your trip to London, I hope you find a lot of stitching supplies!

  2. Beautiful card!! Did you make that cake too? Belated birthday wishes to your husband!!
    I haven't been there but when my husband had gone there to visit, I found HobbyCraft store nearest to his hotel . But then I wasn't into cross stitching at that time so he just got some random stuff.

    1. Thank you Preeti. No , I didn't bake the cake. In fact baking is one of the cooking techniques I really haven't explored much.

  3. I think you will probably be delighted with the attractions and the food - almost every cuisine you can think of is represented somewhere in our multi cultural capital city but there aren't many places to shop for cross stitch supplies. The one shop I recommend you must visit is Liberty's in Regent Street. They sell wonderful fabric and have a needlepoint department but the whole shop is fabulous. John Lewis in Oxford Street has a craft and sewing department. And be prepared to be shocked by the prices of basic supplies such as DMC Have a good trip

  4. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I like your sweet card, when I am short if time I use fabric pens to colour in the fabric sometimes.
    I agree with Hazel, London is not good for stitching shopping but in addition to Liberty's I would recommend the V&A Museum in South Kensington. Their samplers are stored elsewhere now but it is still an amazing place for art lovers. They have regular exhibitions there too.

  5. The card looks great ... surprises are always fun :). Enjoy your trip.

  6. Thank you Hazel & Jo for the tips. I'll mark these on my map and try to visit these places of interest.

  7. You are still a "no reply" commenter because you don't have an email attached to your profile. I was going to send you my trade secrets to appearing in the magazines LOL

    1. hey Jo,im quite new to the blogging world so not sure abt the email linking thing.however I do get email notifications about your replies to my comments or your comments on my blog posts.

  8. Love the card you made for your husband :o)
    Hope he had a lovely birthday!
    Enjoy London - I love that city and so wish I could go more often.... but it is a long way from Australia!
    I didn't find any cross stitch shops last time I went - but I did go into Liberty's for a wander around - it is a must see! And the V&A as Jo mentioned is also wonderful place to go to. See how easy it is to do touristy things while looking at beautiful stitching!
    Hugs xx

  9. Well done on the stitching and rising above the lack of electricity. I have never been but the London Bead Company in Kentish Town Road is supposed to be excellent.....and yes, it has stitching supplies despite the name!


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