Monday, 2 March 2015

I'm back from short vacation

I'm back from my short vacation to India and am already homesick.

Needless to say that I had a great time with my family ,I also managed to meet few of my friends.
I'm so glad my bestie loved the birthday card I stitched for her.

It was my nephew's first birthday on the 21st and we had a small celebration at my home town. Enjoyed every bit of it.

And then it was my birthday on 27th and celebrated it with my parents after 15 long years.
I travelled to Delhi on the same day and had a nice birthday dinner with my brother and his family.

One of the best birthdays in years...lots of gifts ,wishes and two cakes :)

I think I can be too hard on people sometime...DH had a tough time buying me a birthday present. Anything he wanted to buy me as a birthday present ,I would disqualify that as one of the things I had told him I wanted to buy in the past. My personal opinion is that gifts should be surprises...not things which I want to buy and have talked about.

DH is a such a darling ,he worked so hard to arrange to fulfill one of my wishes ...I will now be able to sponsor education of a under privileged child .What better way to  celebrate your birthday...

My mom is an amazing cook and she loves cooking some of the my favorite dishes whenever I visit her . I'm sure I must have gained around 2 kg. of weight gorging on my mom's food.

I will post my maternal grandmother's own recipe of a spicy rice preparation soon which mom and I love and think you will like it too.

Shopping is one of the major activities whenever me and DH go for a vacation. Strangely, I'm not interested in apparel shopping since last few months which surprises my whole family. Until now, I had a reputation of hoarding clothes in my wardrobe.

Apart from all the gifts I got from family, these are the best buys from this trip.

Yes ,I'm a Jeffrey Archer fan.

On a sad note, my order from 123stitch hasn't arrived. I contacted them and got the reply that I can expect the order by 14th.

I'm not sure when I will be able to pick up stitching now as the house is a wreck after the sand storm which hit Kuwait when I was  away .Also ,me n DH are a bit sick...the flight was bumpy.

How have things been with you guys?



  1. Belated birthday wishes to you !!:) Hope you feel better soon.
    I read Jeffery Archer too.


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