Sunday, 31 May 2015

FOTM SAL May update and some cooking

Here is my entry for Flower of the Month SAL hosted by Alyssa .

I have not been able to stitch much of this as my current target is to finish Sunflower bouquet for my colleague who is going to retire soon. As advised by my stitchy friends, I am now using two strands for stitching for the flower series. But I didn't have the courage to frog what I had already stitched using you think the difference is too obvious or looks ugly?

In other news, I'm happy to tell that I have attended two meet ups of a group of knitters in past 2 weeks.
Don't be surprised...I don't knit but this is result of my desperate attempts to a have a group of cross stitchers. I have been trying really hard since last 1 year to gather or meet people interested in any type of needle work here in Kuwait. Sadly, nothing worked I  signed up on Raverly and joined the local ravelry group.
The ladies in the group have been kind enough to absorb me and we had fun in the last two meetings. While the ladies chit chat and knit, I stitch (at the pace of a tortoise) counting everything thrice. I must say that cross stitch is not a easy craft to take along...I am finding it difficult to stitch sitting in a chair with chart in hand and I'm already thinking of learning crochet specially for the meet ups ;). At home, I stitch sitting on a sofa with my legs stretched and the chart pinned to one of the cushions.

The weather here is at its worst now with the temperature nearing 50 degree Celsius. This Friday, DH & I ,dared to step out of the house in the noon and we repented it so much. The sun was blazing and our feet started burning...Well its just the start of summer.

On the cooking front, I have lost my cooking bug...however guilt took me over and I tried my hands at making my mom's recipe of a lentil cake last Tuesday. The result wasn't upto my expectations so I'm not going to blog about it until I get it right.

Today I made Menemen (Turkish-Style Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes)  for dinner.

This dish is very similar to Indian version of Scrambled eggs-Anda bhurji.
I like tomatoes in my Anda Bhurji but DH doesn't like tomatoes much...
So when he asked me to make something eggy today, I proposed making Menemen instead of Anda Bhurji .
I'm a conservative and usually don't make changes in recipes. The only reason I divert from the original recipe is unavailability of ingredients.

I followed the recipe by Burcu and used capsicum instead of green peppers.

The other reason I like Menemen is because I like eggs to be slightly undercooked and this a perfect recipe for that.

Its end of another month and good time to think how productive the month was craft wise...



  1. Your cross stitch flower is looking great!! The meet ups are a good opportunity for you to learn crochet. There are lap tables available for cross stitchers you can carry that with you. But that would be a bit heavy if you are using public transport. You can ask cross stitch bloggers how they stitch in meet ups.
    I don't cook eggs but my husband do cook for himself and daughter. We don't eat when the weather is too hot.

  2. Your flower is coming up beautifully mini. Initially I worked with 3 strands in 14 ct aida and it was too bulky. Now I use two strands in my projects. Meet ups with the stitch or knit groups are really good.
    Anda Bhurji is a quick food in my home when I feel lazy to cook for dinner .

  3. Your flower looks lovely! I personally wouldn't haul all that work out of your other flowers that you did with 3 strands unless it is bothering you. And 50 degrees!! Oh my that would be too warm for me! Today here in PEI, Canada it is only 9 degrees so if I could take some of that heat from you I would :)

  4. Hi Mini,
    You asked me about the canvas on my post. I have purchased both single and double taar canvas from Pradhan . They are not evenweave fabric they will be like sturdy jute like canvas. It could be a cheap replacement for plastic canvas.
    You are a no reply blogger so I am answering your query here.
    Thanks for your sweet words on my craft room and also thank you for telling me about Pradhan's website. I was ordering on call after seeing his facebook photos only. I guess it might have been 5-6 months I haven't ordered. I need some threads, he has increased prices for few I guess.

  5. Hi Mini, Thanks for your email. I'm not leaving Kuwait. Just quit my job as I was tired of sitting behind a desk in an office with no window working for folks who don't appreciate all my hard work. :) So now I will be free to pursue all the activities I've not been able to do in the past. I'm actually part of a group that is yarnbombing a tree in the Secret Garden on Baghdad Street. Don't know if you've heard about it. We are meeting tomorrow in Jabriya from 10 am til noon to join squares. Where does your group plan to meet on June 13th for knitting/crocheting in public? I'm not on Ravelry. Used to do a lot of cross-stitching but crochet took over as it is definitely much easier to take on the go. But with more time, I definitely want to get back into stitching. I am here until July 10th, then will be leaving to visit my college boy in the States for about 5 weeks. You can email me back. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Mini, i'm here for the first time..good to see another expat blog from Middle east. looking forward to visit you more often.


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