Friday, 15 May 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL May update and some ramblings

GG SAL is by far my favourite SAL ... Every month, I eagerly wait for Jo's link up post.
I love looking at what stitchers are working on: gifts they are making or gifts they got.

My stitching priorities have changed in last few days and there is a reshuffle in the gifting ideas.
As I mentioned in my first GG post, my goal this year was to stitch 3 pieces for my college friends.
Seems like I'm not gonna meet them this the pieces which I were stitching for them will now be gifted to one of my work friends (whom I showed the piece and she liked it, not shown in this post) and a colleague.

Below is the piece which I'm stitching for my colleague now, as a thank you gift for being a perfect host in Windsor (I know my London post is still pending). He will be retiring in July and will be re modeling his house after that. I think this will look good as a wall piece in his house.

I started stitching this piece on 21st Nov 2014 but had difficulty reading the colored chart and was short of so many colors then. I kept it aside and thought may be I will never stitch it again.

This is where is left it on 28th Nov 2014.

Picked it again on 4th May and this is my progress so far. Yesterday I reprinted the chart in black and white and A3 size and what a relief to my eyes.

This is how it will look when finished

The second piece for the GG SAL this month is part of another SAL I'm participating can read  about it here.

As the fabric (even the needles I'm using for this piece) was gifted to me by my stitcher friend Ms. G from London, I can include this in GG SAL too.

I plan to finish this a hanging and gift it to one of my friend's for her kids room.

Last Saturday I invited my colleagues for lunch and cooked vegetarian Indian meal. It was a big hit and nothing was leftover after we finished eating. They were inquisitive about the ingredients of the dishes prepared, method of cooking  and this is definite a boost to my cooking adventures.

I have been feeling low since Sunday mainly because I'm not feeling challenged at work. I'm not happy with the type of work I have been assigned these days. Instead of feeling depressed for various other reasons I was able to stitch for more time in the work week.... which is a plus point.

Oh how can I miss telling you about the panic attack I had while I was comparing my DMC to Anchor conversion sheet. It seems that for few shades  DMC to Anchor conversion is not same as Anchor to DMC conversion. I was almost in tears when I realized that but then DH very calmly explained to me that the pieces I have stitched till now using the old sheet are still beautiful.
After 5 hours of referring to various online conversions available I now have a new conversion sheet.
All this because I work with Anchor floss and most of the designs use DMC.

I hope the coming week I feel better emotionally and really hope to finish the Sunflower bouquet in time.

Till then...take care you lovely people.


  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Your pieces are lovely and I'm sure the recipients will love them too.
    You asked about my Summer Postcard Blog Hop, drop me an email and I'll explain it in more detail.
    I'm so pleased that you enjoy my SAL so much, it's been fun organising it and seeing what everyone has to share.

  2. Lovely stitching. Nice to visit you for GG post. xxx

  3. Your piece is looking lovely!! :) I know DMC to Anchor conversion has been a difficult thing for me too earlier. And what I concluded is that the conversion is not wrong. The anchor shade nos. in India and those in other places vary. So I got anchor shade card and for the doubtful shades, I match the color of the finished piece in picture with the shade card. It is difficult though but at least we don't end up using altogether different shade. You can see my shade card and rambling here
    Great going with your cooking! Keep it up!

    1. The other day I was about to send you an email to ask how do you shop from Pradhan stores and I just got an email that they now have a website. :)

  4. Lovely stitching. Your vase of flowers is growing nicely - it is such a cheery design. I feel your pain with the floss conversions. I try not to stress about it, and usually just go with what looks right to me.

  5. I love the Sunflower vase you are stitching!! So pretty! And Yay! for more stitchy time but I hope your work situation gets better soon :) xx

  6. The Sunflower vase is such a cheery design, lovely. Sorry to hear that you are not happy at work at the moment, hopefully it will improve soon.


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