Friday, 15 April 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL April update

Hello Friends,
Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. Easter Blog hop hosted by Jo, was a great success. I got to see some beautiful stitched pieces and meet new bloggers.
I have been thinking of trying rotation for my cross stitch projects for quite some time now. Not that I have too many WIPs.. well its more than one , which is quite a lot for . So I pulled out my old WIP-Flower of the Month series by Ellen Maurer-Stroh and decided to stitch it for April Showers Bring May Flowers SAL for  Stitch Maynia group on FB.This is where I left it when I last stitched it on 4th Dec 2015.
Flower of the Month series by Ellen Maurer-Stroh
I stitched the July flower and here is how it looks now after 5 days of love.
July flower- Larkspur
When I started this piece, I wasn't sure who will be the recipient of this beauty. No more such doubts, as my aunt (maternal uncle's wife) claimed it and it will now be their 25th wedding anniversary gift.

Before picking EMS piece, I was stitching a gift for my bestie which now looks like this. 
Candamar Designs kit called "Most Beautiful Things Picture"
Its a Candamar Designs kit with fabric swapped with 25ct vinatge lugana. My friend is on vacation (hence no access to internet) and I can safely post the picture this time :)

Yesterday was a horrible day at work (HR issues), made worse by a colleague's behavior. I lost my cool and wanted to break some things or yell...grrr
Then I decided I can't let people spoil my weekend and decided to go and pick mail which a lady in my craft group carried for me from UK.
I almost cried when I opened these packets as this was all I needed after such a bad day.. Some love from my stitchy friends.
Look what I got 

Jo sent me these "delicate" blackwork charts, delicate being the word DH said after he saw them and smiled when he saw the mouse card. He calls me mouse ..ha ha. Jo kindly remembered that I wanted to try blackwork  from my blog post about crafting goals.

Kerry was giving away some magazine charts for free on her blog and I picked Oriental theme charts from that bundle.

Thank you Kerry and Jo, for cheering me up.

I have started a new project which I will show in my next post as I will be stitching that as part of IHSW this month.

Also, I have been meaning to show you  a wonderful DIY stand DH fixed to hold my hoops and q-snaps. I'm loving how I can stitch using two hands and my stitches are neater. I need to take good pics of the stand and may be show you in my next post.

I have also tried few new recipes and a cooking related post is pending too.

Let's see when I get time for these ..

I better say goodbye now, my coffee is getting cold and I have some things (read stitching) to do.


  1. Mini great progress on your EMS flower designs. You r so generous to gift the stitched pieces. At times people around us make us mad. For the past few days I was in such a situation but not able to blast any one. Today morning I received a quote "The best way to be happy is to turn the negatives into positives, don't let anyone steal your joy, and be thankful for what you have". It totally changed my mind and was thankful to GOD for all the good things in my life. Cheerup Mini. It all happens.

    Keep calm and don't react in those situations. After a day you will be the happiest person in the world. I have tried it. Keep going.

  2. Glad they cheered you up. Stitchy post is the best! The charts Jo sent you are fab. I love blackwork. Kincavel Krosses is a nice site for Blackwork patterns. I've stitched several of them, most are free too.

    Larkspur is coming on nicely. Lovely shades of blue.

  3. Beautiful floral design. That certainly will be a wonderful anniversary gift!
    Your butterfly is coming along nicely.
    Glad that you had some "happy" mail to cheer you up.
    I look forward to seeing the stand that your DH made for you.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Your flowers are looking wonderful!!
    Awesome goodies you found in your mailbox :) Stitcy mail is best kind.
    The butterfly looks great!
    And I am looking forward to hearing how you make out with the rotation. Mine is not going well haha.

  5. Lovely projects and such special gifts! Especially appreciated after a bad day I'm sure. Enjoy IHSW.

  6. You are working on some wonderful projects. So generous to stitch these monthly florals as a wedding anniversary gift. And als the butterfly piece will be a great gift for your friend.
    What is better after a bad day at work than to receive some stitchy goodies from good friends. Enjoy them, Mini.

  7. Beautiful stitching!! So nice your blogger friends came to your rescue with lot of stitchy gifts :) Enjoy !!
    Looking forward to your blackwork project.

  8. Thank you for taking part in GG this month.
    I am so pleased that my gift arrived with the perfect timing to cheer you up.
    I love the way your Aunt has "claimed" the gorgeous floral design, isn't it wonderful when a person really loves your work? You know she will treasure the finished piece.

  9. Jo's & Kerry's gifts are lovely. I am sure you will have plenty of fun with them :)
    The flower project surely deserves your attention. Your aunt will love it.

  10. Beautiful projects. Lovely gifties ... Stitchy friends are the best!

  11. Lovely GG stitching and stitchy friends are just the very best, aren't they? Lovely gifts from Jo and Kerry.

  12. Your EMS Flowers are lovely and will be a wonderful Anniversary gift :) Stitchy friends are indeed a blessing, and we all need a little pick-me-up now and then! I'm interested in your frame, I've been thinking about making my own for a while now but haven't found the right design ;)

  13. I so enjoyed my visit to your blog. I do love florals, and your EMS flowers are so pretty.

  14. I so enjoyed my visit to your blog. I do love florals, and your EMS flowers are so pretty.

  15. Beautiful gifting all round! Your flowers are beautiful. I am seeing lots of gorgeous blackwork designs around recently.

  16. Hello Mini the larkspur and butrerflye both are lovely..Arent the stitching friends sweet ?!

  17. Your floral piece is beautiful, how lovely your Aunt wants it for her anniversary.
    Nice new goodies that arrived in the post for you

  18. wow gorgeous EMS flowers. Your cross-stitch finishes pulling me back into cross stitch..I have one kit half done, which i hope to finish this year..and few .... many kits to open

  19. Love your EMS flowers - they will make a lovely gift for your Aunt.
    I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad day at work... but I am so pleased to see that you had some lovely stitchy mail to cheer you up! Lovely gifts from Jo and Kerry :o)
    Hugs xx


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