Friday, 12 August 2016

Happy World Cross Stitch Day

Hey Stitchy Friends,

Wishing you all a very Happy World Cross Stitch Day. May you have smoky needles and be blessed with charts,fabrics and floss to last a life

I remember seeing a post about World Cross Stitch Day a year or two back. Didn't remember the exact date though. Yesterday someone posted on Instagram that its tomorrow. So I figured that its celebrated every year on 2nd Friday of August . I know its not as famous as other craft events like International Crochet Day or WWKIP but its upon cross stitch crazy people like us to make it more popular.

On to some stitchy news...First a thing which made me squeal...Those who have been following my blog regularly know how I keep complaining about lack of availability of stitchy supplies here in Kuwait especially cross stitch magazines.In last 2.5 years I have checked with all book stores for magazines with no positive results.
Yesterday we went to a home decor store to buy a hand bag and there was a small section of books there. I was casually looking at the magazine stand and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this:
I almost started jumping and hubby was astonished too. The guy at the counter wasn't able to understand why I was beaming with joy :). I started flipping thru to look for designs and hubby said you have to buy it no matter what as you have been searching for magazines so long.

The lady at the counter started asking me about where do I buy my fabric in Kuwait. She used to do cross stitch earlier but wasn't able to find fabric here. I offered her to bring some fabric when I visit the store next time and also invited her to my craft group.
I will do anything to encourage people to take up this hobby ...ha ha

Second..I finished stitching November flower "Chrysanthemum" on Wednesday . While stitching this I realised I have this plant in my tiny home garden.We bought two pots of Chrysanthemum in Nov last year and the plants almost died after the winter season. However ,with some care we were able to revive one and its blooming now.

I'm trying to grow tomatoes and the tiny saplings have spread all over.

That's it from my corner of the world.
Hope you get some stitching time today to mark the occasion.

P.S. -Edited to answer Khristine's question about blog header picture
The header picture is of from our trip to Goreme,Turkey in July 2014. Goreme is famous for its wonderful rock formations and the most intriguing ones are called "Fairy Chimneys" .


  1. What a great find! That's usually a good magazine, especially for the larger "classic" designs.
    I remember the first WCD, afterwards I asked one of the organisers about sharing some of the other SALs we were doing at the time. They were very sniffy about it which is probably why it's not very well-publicised. You have to work with others stitchers and encourage them. Much like you did with the shop worker!

  2. What a great find! Lovely finish on the chrysanthemum too.

  3. How nice to find the cross stitching magazine in Kuwait, Mini! I can understand your excitement :)

    Your yellow flowers are so pretty--really enjoying watching this pretty WIP grow!

  4. Your WIP is beautiful and how exciting to find a magazine! They can be very elusive.

  5. Mini I can visualize how much u will be excited. I too love cross stitch and crochet magazines and will always look for the craft books in shopping. Embroidery design books r available but magazines like this r not available in India. Your yellow flowers r pretty. Good luck on your gardening attempt.

  6. What a great find and a pleasant surprise considering you were not expecting to find cross stitch magazine in that shop :) Great stitching too on the flowers.

  7. Wow! Congrats on finally finding a stitching magazine in Kuwait and finding a fellow stitcher and encouraging her to join your craft group.

  8. Ooo wow, how great to find a stitchy magazine in a totally unexpected spot! So interesting it was in a home decor store. It's always nice to find a friend in unexpected places too... and of course enabling them. :D

  9. That's great!! Now you have a new place to visit every month and then plan the day around it;) Your stitched mums are looking beautiful. The real ones never survived at my place but I still purchase every year from nursery. Hope you get a good harvest of tomatoes. My plants are in dilemma, sometimes it rains and sometimes it is very hot. We didn't get much rain in Hyderabad compared to what the entire country is getting.

  10. Congratulations on finding the cross stitch magazine. Your husband is very sweet to encourage you to get it. The chrysanthemum cross stitch and plant are lovely.

  11. Thanks for the answer! I love that they are called fairy chimneys! So lucky you are to have seen them in person :) I love that you invited the cashier to craft night! Good for you for encouraging her! I hope she goes :) So glad you found a cross stitch magazine! And your chrysanthemums are so pretty, yay for getting another one stitched!

  12. Woo hoo! I can imagine how excited you must have been to find a stitching magazine :o)
    'Mums are such pretty flowers... love your bright yellow 'mum stitching!
    Hugs xx

  13. wow..thats great, you could find cross stitch magazine in Kuwait. Cross stitcher was always available here in Oman for long time. and i was getting it regularly..but For last few years, i wait to go to kinokuniya in dub to get my magazines..

    Good that you met a cross stitcher is always nice to meet up with someone who shares same interest

  14. Lucky you to be able to find a cross stitching magazine at your place. I do the same whenever I see a magazine stand - I look for craft magazines. In the quilt department I always find something but not a single magazine about cross stitching. I love some of the British ones the most, and Cross Stitch Gold is among them.

    Great that you were able to finish the November flowers. And they look so great!

  15. So nice for you to meea fellow stitcher and magazine you found is one of my favorites too.Lovely stitching as always!


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