Sunday, 21 August 2016

And Then There Were Twelve

What is she talking about? Is it 12 days of Christmas ?

Nope my dear friends, I'm talking about the twelfth flower of Ellen Maurer-Stroh Flower of the month project I completed stitching yesterday.

This post is a joint check-in for Gifted Gorgeousness SAL hosted by Jo & IHSW hosted by Joysze.

I didn't forget to post for GG SAL on 15th , I was deliberately holding the post so as to show you some substantial stitching. Hermitting over the weekend helped me achieve this.

So without any further delay here is the last flower :December "Poinsettia" in its glory.
I had to move the q snap so I can work on borders of other flowers and I clicked a picture of the whole project so far. I need to add borders to 5 flowers, fill in some white and add backstitch to the butterfly, bees and daffodils.I think it will take a week to finish this.

This piece is a gift for my aunt's 25th wedding anniversary and the aida was a gift from a fellow stitcher.

Yesterday while I was stitching the borders, I realised that I may run out of floss. Intrigued that I have already used 2.5 skeins of floss for borders so far, I calculated  how long is the border. The 2 stitches wide border around all the flowers has a straight length of 10.7 metre. 120 metre of floss has been used and I'm guessing I need 100 metre more...

What is the maximum number of skeins of a single color you have used for a project?

In June I won a giveaway on first.It took a total of 61 days to get the parcel in my hand from Hungary . Out of these 61 days , Kuwait postal service took 51 days to deliver it to my PO box. It beats me why would a basic public service like postal system be so slow in a small city country like Kuwait. Anyways, I'm happy that I got the package as I had lost hope of getting it after I visited the post office sixth time.Rant over..Let's move onto gifts received.
The package contains 28 ct evenweave ,lace ,lots of ribbons, chocolates,postcard ,cross stitch pattern book and a needle case.Thank you Dóra for the goodies , I love these.

Hopefully in my next post, I will be able to show you the FOTM piece finished.


  1. Oh my, Mini, I'm totally impressed - all the flowers are stitched and there is only the border to complete. Your needles must have been smoking a lot lately.

    And so good that you have finally received that give-away package with so many wonderful things to enjoy. Well, two months is a long time for a package to travel from Hungary to Kuwait, but you are really lucky that it didn't go lost in the postal system.

  2. Yay! Congrats on completing all twelve:) You have lots of patience to complete, it's not an easy task. It's looking wonderful!!
    You got lovely gifts too, enjoy!!

  3. Your flowers look wonderful!!! And you are so close to the end. Congrats on your win! Well worth the wait :)

  4. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love the Poinsettia. In fact I like both the red flower blocks.
    Gorgeous present too.
    I used a lot of 3041 in three different monochrome samplers I stitched. I also use a lot of black hence the need for a cone! And Noel Blanc used loads of white.

  5. Beautiful flowers Mini. I love poinsettias. They remind me of my grandmother as she always had one every Christmas.
    Great gifts - glad they didn't go missing!

  6. All your flowers are lovely - and you're so close to a full finish! And such wonderful gifts - well worth the wait, although that does sound like a very long time.

  7. wow...good to see your EMS flower of the month coming to an end...gorgeous work... Enjoy your new newly earned stash

  8. The flowers are so beautiful! It's nice to get a lot accomplished over a hermit weekend isn't it :)

  9. Excellent finish and good luck completing the border. I just finished a project with a lot of DMC 823, I think I used at least 6 skeins, but it could have been more. I didn't actually keep count.

  10. Beautifully done mini. It's looking wonderful. Awesome gift.enjoy.

  11. Wow! Your aunt will love this so much, Mini! What a great gift :)

    Glad your IG prizes finally arrived--that does seem a bit ridiculous, but I once had a gift from Spain take over two months to arrive, too!

  12. YAY you finished the flowers! I finally fished mine out of the work bag. I think I will manage half of July's this month. :)

    In a single project, hmm... maybe I used 310 (black) the most; the FF pieces take 2 each if I recall correctly. In my stitching lifetime... 310. Lol. Black is too useful; I may need to buy a cone!

    Congrats on the win; I like the cute needlecase!

  13. Congrats on your beautiful finish! You are a very patient person waiting so long for your package. Glad it finally made it to you!

  14. Those are very cute :) Your goodies look so much fun.

  15. What a lovely gift you received - can't believe how long it took to get delivered to you though!
    I love your EM flowers - they are going to be a lovely gift for your Aunt. :o)
    Hugs xx

  16. I'm glad you did received the package. There really is no excuse for it to sit 51 days in Kuwait collecting dust. Someone just isn't doing their job, plain and simple. A whole lot of somebodies in fact. :/ Yay to near finishing the gift for your aunt. It is gorgeous!

  17. Oh -Mini your twelve flowers are all so pretty I love the colorful finish they now when finished.Your post system seems to not work as it should be. I am so enthusiastic to see what you will stitch next! Thank You for visiting my little blog and leaving such nice comment!


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