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Jo's Big Birthday Blog Hop

Hello Hello,

Welcome to Big Birthday Party for Jo’s Big Birthday ….if you are tired of hopping around, sit down and have a cold lemonade. 

Don’t worry I’m not going to serve you cake, I know you have had enough of it already …how about some savory snacks.
Butter cigarette stick

Egg pandan

Jo, I hope you recognize these from your time spent in Singapore.

Now that you have caught you breath after hopping across blogs, it’s time to tell you what year it is
It is year 1993 and Jo is 27.

Something very important happened this year… She started cross stitching in this year. Yes Yes Cross stitching!!! She even has a piece dated for that year to prove it. 

Here is the story behind it.Jo was visiting a friend who was cross stitching a Country Companions design for her son.  She liked the look of the craft and bought two small Anchor sampler kits to try it herself.She was soon hooked and rest is history.

I’m sure anybody who is reading this blog now knows about Jo’s love for cross stitching. She has an eclectic taste and she has 500 finishes on her Happy Dance blog to prove that too.

Imagine where our blogging community would be if this event hadn’t happened…Cross stitch blogging would be no fun without Jo's seasonal and themed blog hops, SALs and of course the beautiful finishes we see on her blog so frequently.

Now let’s see what I was doing when Jo was discovering her new love for the art of cross stitching…..

I have to really think hard as I find it difficult to recollect things from past these days…

Well I was in seventh grade, enjoying my school life. One day my teacher declared in class about an upcoming oratory competition in English language. The idea was to select a topic from a list given and talk about it in front of the school. I decided to participate and won a third prize. 
Picture from Internet
I hear you asking what’s so special about a third prize …well it was my first time participating in a school level competition which required preparation on my own with no help from teachers, parents and text books. Before this competition I used to participate in school co-circular activities mainly dancing but none of them were for a competition which required speaking in front of an audience.
My teacher was quite impressed and told my mother to encourage me further. After this I started participating regularly in such activities and it helped me in developing confidence of speaking in public. This skill was very helpful during my engineering days when we were asked to present our projects, interviews and meetings. I personally feel expressing your ideas in technical discussions is an important tool for success, especially if your business requires interaction with Client.

There is one more event or I would rather say a change that occurred during the year 1993 but I’m too embarrassed to talk about it on my blog… haha.

Moving to the last part of the blog party now, a cross stitch project I think Jo may like.

Earlier this year, I visited my maternal uncle’s house after a long period.My aunt gave me this piece which she had dug out from the old trunks. I remember stitching this piece in late 2003/early 2004 .My aunt had made the same piece and it caught my eye.It was different from the usual cross stitch which I had been doing in my childhood.I stitched it as a gift for a family member .When I finished college and moved to other town for job, I assumed that the piece must have been given to the recipient by my aunt. Imagine my surprise when she gave it to me after so many years and I realized I have done blackwork in past and forgotten about it.

The piece had some stains collected from lying around in old trunks, so I got it dyed.First picture is more true to color
I hope you have enjoyed your stop here and are looking forward to hopping on to next blog.

Here’s wishing our lovely Jo , happy birthday and a blessed year ahead.


  1. Your blackwork piece is lovely!! Did you know then that it was called as blackwork? I did not know the names and technical details until few years back for many things which I might have done or seen somewhere.

  2. Thank you for taking part in the Birthday Blog Hop and your lovely compliments! I am sure blogging would still be fun for you all without me. Maybe not quite as interactive though!
    I love the blackwork, I'm a big fan of that technique as you know.
    I also think that public speaking is a very important thing to teach children, it's useful in so many ways as an adult. I am happy talking to groups of adults but the first time I had to address a school assembly of 300 5-11 year olds I was sooooo nervous! Luckily they applauded at the end but maybe that was because I'd given out prizes to them!

  3. Glad to visit you for the big birthday BH, thanks for the lemonade, love your blackwork too (I certainly should try one) lovely boats. Amicalement. xxx

  4. A lovely write up for Jo's big day, I enjoyed reading it.

  5. Great post and thanks for sharing. Love your boats - the blackwork is well done.

  6. I think public speaking is a great skill to have but it is one I will hopefully never acquire! I get so nervous I can't eat for days before speaking haha. I will just lecture to my cats. ;)

    Your blackwork is amazing! How great to find out you did something you totally forgot about. It is stunning!

  7. wow..that's a lovely blackwork mini

  8. Such a lovely birthday post foe Jo. And I love the blackwork piece that you chose for her. I'm sure she likes it.

  9. Great post! And, wow I love your blackwork piece. What a clever idea to dye it... Isn't it amazing what we forget about at times :o)
    Hugs xx

  10. So much fun! Happy Birthday to Jo! And your blackwork ships are beautiful!

  11. I believe everyone should take public speaking in school - It is so important and I know we don't spend enough time on it over here. I love your work. Thank you for sharing your memories

  12. I'm hopping by on the blog hop. What a great post. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE your blackwork ship piece. Beautiful!

  13. Great blackwork piece and congrats on finding and honing a skill at such a young age!

  14. Cute post! If I did the math right, Jo is the same age as me. HA! :) A lovely piece of blackwork. Does that mean that the intended recipient never received it?

    1. Yes you are right ,Jo and you were born in same year.

      And yes the intended recipient never got it bcoz I left the piece at my grandma's house.

      Well that gives me an idea, may be I can give it to the recipient now. :)

  15. I am slowly hopping through the birthday blog posts. I enjoyed reading your lovely post and seeing your pictures. This is such a nice thing to be involved in.

  16. Lovely post,great read about you and Jo in 1993


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