Friday, 26 October 2018

Smalls SAL October Check-in

Hello Friends,

Its last friday of the month , time to show what smalls we stitched during the month. I'm participating first time in Smalls SAL this year hosted by Heather. I decided to join this SAL as I usually stitch birthday cards or exchange pieces throughout the year and this gives me an additional chance to blog.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on the last Smalls SAL post. I wasn't able to sell stuff at the bazaar except a card and two gift tags. We, as a group, were disappointed by the sales but I guess it takes time to build a repertoire with customers.

Anyways, I haven't been stitching this month, no reason for that. The one day I did stitch I made these smalls , so I thought to post it to keep the blog alive.

These designs were just made on MS excel to fit the frames available.

I hope to pick up a needle tomorrow, if all goes well.

That's it for today, gotta rush now.


  1. I love the heart with the teddy bear frame. I've never thought of making something like that. It's so simple but so sweet.

  2. Hi mini the heart is soo cute with the frame and teddy. I am missing your posts. This year i was not regular in posting for smalls. The tag is also beautiful.

  3. The teddy bear frame is very sweet, the heart is a prefect addition.

  4. Look at you getting into designing now too :) They are perfect!

  5. Cute smalls! I know it is hard to sell handmade.

  6. Good luck with the next market, I am sure that you will build your clientele up over time.

  7. I think it does take time to become "known" at markets. Good luck with the next one. I like how that tiny heart fits in that tiny frame! Very cute idea. :D

  8. These are very cute smalls. I am always picking up things to make into small frames. And then not getting around to doing them LOL


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