Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Exploring Kuwait

I just realized that its been almost one and half years that I moved to Kuwait for better career opportunities and never have written a post dedicated to my experiences here about the food/travel and other interests of mine .

To tell you the truth when I was shifting here I never made any queries about the country :its culture, food, society . I was more than happy to know that I will be able to work here and wear the type of clothes I want to ...which not many middle eastern countries allow for.

Kuwait being a desert doesn't have bountiful nature, which leaves Shopping Malls as the main places of attraction. I am not a  brand shopper so that kept me away from the big Shopping malls here. However, I never stopped looking for places of my interest and now that I have found some, thanks to internet and social network, I have started liking this place more than I used to like it last year :)

While roaming around in one of the sea side malls, I stumbled upon on this café called "Color me Mine". The café has a collection of plain ceramic/POP figurines/vases/bowls etc. The idea is to select a piece and paint it there with poster colors. Once the piece is painted, it is baked to add shine and then the person can take it home. The Café mainly attracts kids, who paint the pieces with help of lady instructor of the café, while having muffins or cakes. Isn't that cute? The Café  also displayed few pieces to be sold for charity and I was able to pick some lovely stuff .

One of the walls of the Café

Below paintings were displayed in the covered bridge connecting the mall and the marina.

Medium scale model of Dhow

Last Thursday I attended Eid celebration at TIES center and visited the Second chance charity and handmade shop there. I can now guess what charity shops and thrift stores in the UK & USA would be like. I was able to find some nice stuff there-small table ware items , stationery and beautiful crochet doilies which some of the local ladies had donated for charity. Sorry I didn't take any pictures.

Now about my second passion food

Me & DH were treated in a contemporary Indian restaurant Asha's few days back.This is a chain of restaurant at multiple locations around the world run by famous Bollywood Singer Asha Bhonsale.

Ordered Mai's favourite.Image courtesy:Internet

The food quality was up to my expectations, a bit spicy though, however I feel they should offer more vegetarian options being an Indian restaurant.

On Sunday , B&B had a sudden urge to eat Thai food and search for Thai restaurants in Kuwait began. We were so surprised to find a branch of famous Thai chain Sabaidee  near our house..

Som Tum

Pad Thai & Pad Wood Sen
The food was delicious and great value for money. They won my heart by making a vegetarian version of Pad Thai. 

The idea of this post is not to review any food or shopping joint. Its my way of sharing my life here in Kuwait and also to help new expats . I am thankful to many local bloggers about providing useful information about the country on their blogs from which I have benefited.

Do you guys like exploring new places? Do you search for online reviews of restaurants/cities/tourist places before you visit them?


  1. Thanks for showing us around !! I did not know that Asha Bhonsle owns a chain of restaurants. I do review and search thoroughly on Internet whether it is for vacation or eating out. But you know, even writing reviews has become a scam these days. People get paid for writing good reviews and increase the overall star rating especially on popular sites for travelling packages.

  2. I love the Color Me Mine Cafe! What a great idea! I love when you show us what it is like to live in Kuwait :)

  3. Great post, very interesting. We had one of those cafes here, the plates make lovely gifts for grandparents.

  4. I like to explore new places! Whenever my husband and I take a trip, we look up random shops (thrift stores for me haha) or restaurants to try. We definitely look up reviews although people are quicker to leave a bad review over a good one and sometimes the good ones are "bought". Our latest was a random hole-in-the-wall place out in the middle of nowhere that served amazing burgers!

    I like the idea of the Color Me Cafe! I would have fun there even if I'm no longer a child. :D The Santa plate on the wall is really cute.


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