Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL July update and my first ever Stitchy exchange

Hello Friends,
Its been a month I haven't posted on my blog...I have been busy with stitching and socializing.
I didn't post for TUSAL as I wasn't feeling inspired to continue with this SAL and have bowed out of it now.
Before I write any further, I would like to welcome my new followers and thank them and other blog visitors for commenting. I really appreciate that.

Well, this is going to be a picture heavy post as I have lot to show.

First of all, I would like to show you how my stitchy friend Diya pampered with me her gifts. I have known Diya for a few months now, we met on facebook in a cross stitch group. Since then, as we interacted we discovered, we had similar interests and some of her family/friends visit Kuwait for work or personal reasons.

Last month, I asked Diya would she be interested in a Stitchy Exchange, the answer of course was Yes! This is what she sent me
See how the packets are numbered as each of them had a gift related to one of my hobbies.

Look at the Cute Penguin she stitched for me, isn't it adorable. She has been so generous to include gifts from her trip to Thailand ...painting, hand cream, soap, cross stitch kits. Also she added a book for baby gifts with some linen and Aida...Oh Diya, I can't express how I feel about these...Thank you Sweetie.

Here is what I sent her


Yes, that's an first one and I'm tiny meeny proud how it turned out. Herez a side look
Another gift which I stitched for first anniversary of my friend couple is a cover kit that came with Cross Stitch crazy 202.
This is my first time stitching a cover kit and I was really surprised by the stiffness of aida that came in it. Initially I thought I will break the needle and was stitching at snail speed. Then I realized its because I use the sewing method rather than stab method for stitching .The lengths of threads were too short to use loop start, so I switched to stab method and used knots to get comfortable. However, I'm really happy how the finished piece looks like and the recipients liked it too.

Did you notice so many firsts in these post- first exchange, first cover kit, first ornament :)
Other than stitching, I haven't really tried any new recipes in cooking. However, I did explore few new cafes and restaurants and will post about my experience later. I also have few other crafty things to share watch this space.
As promised about sharing a picture of my life in Kuwait in each blog post, here's a pic of view of water front from one of the sea side malls in Kuwait.
Hope you are having a good stitching time


  1. Lucky to have all these gifts. Your ornament is looking beautiful. Do u have a pattern for this?

  2. Lovely gift exchange!! I have also participated first time in an exchange. Will soon post about it once my partner gets it. Your ornament is lovely and the cover kit one is cute!!:)
    Even the fabric that comes with dimensions kit is usually stiff and I have DMC linen which isn't good either. I still find washing out starch out of aida fabric that I get here and then it's proper soft cotton to work in with hands.

  3. You have had a busy month - and so many 'firsts'! I think it;s great!

  4. I forgot to say your heart ornament is particularly lovely - congratulations!

  5. Hi and thank you for following me~ :D

    You've had a lovely gift exchange, your little heart is so pretty. I've yet to brave one myself because I am so slow to stitch haha. I agree with Preeti, I wash the fabric from kits first because they are so stiff! I've actually receive a fabric cut from one before, never again haha.

  6. Great gifts!! I love the ornaments you made, very pretty! And great picture of the waterfront, wow that is a lot of boats!!

  7. You have had a busy month indeed Mini :) So happy you liked the gifts I sent you. Hope you get a few hours of pleasurable stitching from them :)

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Your exchange looks lovely. I like the heart you stitched, I have saved the whole series but haven't stitched any of them.
    I hate the aida which comes with the cover kits and usually substitute it for evenweave.

  9. wow what a lovely idea to change gifts !
    never heard about that
    you got some nice items must have been a lot of joy opening them but you allso sent a lovely gift pack :)

  10. Your hearts turned out beautifully. I haven't tried finishing a heart pillow yet. I'm stuck on rectangles ;)


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