Friday, 31 July 2015

FOTM SAL July Check in

Hello Friends,
Here is my progress for the Flower of the Month SAL hosted by Alyssa at Brownie's Chair. This piece was my main focus for the month of July. I completed stitching 2 more flowers and the gaps you see in the flowers are due to floss shortage.

I think I have lost my stitching mojo. All I do the whole day is keep thinking of stitching and when I actually sit to stitch, I can't put more than 15 stitches in the piece. I don't know what's wrong , the project I'm working on doesn't have many color changes or confetti, still I ended up making two mistakes .
I really hope I find my stitching mojo back soon, as I will be on vacation on the later part of August, giving me lesser time to stitch.

Here's how my Monthly Stitchy pie chart looks like:

Have a great weekend .


  1. Your flowers are beautiful!! And when I lose my stitching mojo I just do some housework and I quickly realize I would much rather spend my time stitching haha! I am sure yours will come back soon!!

  2. Your flowers look lovely anyway. According to your pie chart there are less no stitching days now too.
    Love Kristine's idea!

  3. Flowers are lovely. Are you stitching all flowers in one piece of fabric? I have selected the december flower-poinsettia to do next. Usually if necessary threads are not in hand it gives a frustration and like you I do lost interest earlier. Nowadays only after collecting all threads and materials available for a project I go ahead with that one and that push me up to complete it soon and avoid frustration.

  4. Your flower is looking great !!:) I have lost mojo for everything right now because I have spent entire week planning for a family vacation in October and I am just done with only 60% of research. Further, I am having lot of body pain so could not even do housework.
    Anyways I should encourage you than being partner in crime of letting the uncrafty feeling set in :) So cheer up, don't think, just stitch mindlessly :)

  5. How neat and clean :) love the sweet pea flowers. About the mojo thing , don't worry , we all have off days when we only want to snore and snooze all day :) it happens.

  6. love the sweet pea, i really enjoyed that one
    Hope you will find your mo-jo back and we wil see your finish soon.
    Greetings from Holland

  7. I blame the violets for stealing your mojo. I had such a hard time with them. Khristine's idea is great, haha. I do not mind housework but I think I would rather be employed being crafty than dusting for the 1,000th time. :D


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