Gifted Gorgeousness SAL March Update

Hello friends,

It's that time of the month when we show what gifts we have been working on or/and what crafty gifts we have received. If you don't know what I'm talking about , check Jo's blog for more info.

As you know it was my birthday last month, I received a wonderful package from Tammy when we last met at our craft meetup in the Secret Garden. What's the Secret Garden, well I would like to write a post about that ..

The package contains goodies she brought me from Sri Lanka:tea, cinnamon,soap, and hand crafted crochet heart, doily , wash cloth, brooch. My favourite is the heart 💗

Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and I made him a card. He loves Owls and has requested me to stitch owls in the past.. This was a surprise for him and why do I mention it specifically ? Well my friends, my husband and I are together 24 hrs a day(not complaining). We work in the same office , in the same department and even can see each other's computer screen. So arranging surprises is tricky.
Designer:Jayne Schofield
Pattern: Cross Stitch Crazy, May 2015
Whenever I want to stitch a surprise for him, I have to wait until he sleeps or goes for grocery shopping... ha ha. See what I did here, I want you to steal some limelight as DH has been getting all the praises for the gifts he has given me in last few months which I showed here on blog😁

Not much else to show, I have a new start and tiny progress on a WIP which I will save for the March Madness post.

We were hit by worst of dust storms on Tuesday. The visibility was very low and driving was a challenge. Thankfully it has subsided now..but it marks the start of summer , not a welcome season in this part of the world.
I have been reading on blogs how the weather has been unpredictable in other parts of the world, blizzard, snow or high temperatures.Sometimes these things make me sad and wonder is it global warming ? I hope you are safe in your part of the world.


  1. Aww that owl is very cute:) Belated birthday wishes to your hubby!!
    Oh you both work at same place! You both must be having common friends too.
    Lovely gifts from Tammy!! Your secret garden is no secret, I know all the adventures from Tammy's posts : D

  2. Lovely gifts u have got Mini. The owl is sooo cute. Colors are lovely.In my place summer is gearing up and I am sweating even at 6 am in the morning while preparing morning tea. I have a step back in stitching also. Till May it will be horrible here.

  3. What a cute little owl card you made for your husband!

  4. What a lovely gift you got from your friend! And the owl you stitched is so cute!

  5. I love your owl card! What an achievement to stitch it in secret. I think I could stitch something for my husband right under his nose and he wouldn't notice!
    What lovely gifts you received from Tammy, yes please tell us more about the secret garden!

  6. So it turned out to be an owl card for your husband. :) Such a cute pattern. The cross-stitched brooch is one I picked up at the Palestinian exhibition last year. And the little square lace doily is one I bought from the lady at Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.

  7. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The Linky post is now up.
    Lovely gifts both wrapped and unwrapped!
    How clever to find time to stitch a surprise card when you both work together. I am up much earlier than my husband, especially at weekends so I could stitch a lovely big card for him then!

  8. I loved the Owlie card :) Thank you love!

  9. That owl is so very sweet. I love the colours you used. Well done to keep it a surprise! Happy Birthday!

  10. Nice gifts and great surprise for your DH

  11. A very cute owl - and well done for keeping it surprise! Happy belated birthday to your husband x

  12. Nice gift from Sri Lanka. The owl birthday card is cute.

  13. Such a pretty gift, Mini! I follow Tammy on Instagram so I'm a bit familiar with the Secret Garden :)

    Such a cute owl card--hope your husband had a very Happy Birthday!

  14. The gift you received is lovely, and I love the owl card! I made a quilt for my boyfriend and was able to hide my progress for over a year! It was so satisfying being able to keep it a surprise.

  15. Lovely gifts, Mini, and such a cute owl card for your husband.

  16. Such a cute little owl on the birthday card for your husband. I can imagine how difficult it must be to make something for him as a surprise. But your managed and he must have been thrilled with his card.
    A great package that you received from your friend. I love how she wrapped and decorated each of the surprises.

  17. I have nominated your blog for 2 blog awards- the Blogger Recognition Award and Liebster Award! Find more details in my post:

  18. Very cute owl and you did so well to stitch it in secret for him.


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